Stars and Scores*: Reflections on the FIFA World Cup 2018 Day 1










The opening match of the 2018 FIFA World Cup takes place between hosts Russia and Group A rivals Saudi Arabia. 



The event chart for the game augurs an inauspicious start to the tournament, with few strong testimonies of success for either team.  


At the time of writing, Russia are the bookie's favourites, and so are given the 1st house and Lord 1 (Scorpio ascendant and Mars at 08 Aquarius 18) as their significators, together with the the MC and Lord 10 (victory for the favourites).  Saudi Arabia have as their champions Lord 7 (Venus, ruler of Taurus at 00 Leo 49), and the significators of victory for the rival team; the IC and the 4th house.  This would usually also include Lord 4, Jupiter Rx at 14 Scorpio 21, but his role as the dispositor of Fortuna takes precedence. 


Jupiter as dispositor of Fortuna hovering on the cusp of the 1st house would be a strong testimony of victory for Russia, but the orb is a little too wide for a chart of this type (John Frawley in his book "Sports Astrology" recommends an orb of no more than two degrees).  


The Moon, representing the flow of events, does not aspect any of the key significators (or their antiscia) within the 5-7 degrees recommended orb when judging a football match (larger orbs are allowed for sporting contests, like cricket tests, which can span several days).  The only aspect within this narrow orb is an opposition to Saturn which, as dispositor of Mars, may offer a very minor testimony for Russia.


Whether this is enough to outweigh the baleful influence of the close conjunction of Russia's Mars with the South Node remains to be seen. This is a strong testimony against a victory for Russia and may be the catalyst (in the absence of any stronger redeeming testimonies) for the first upset of the tournament.  


Chart by Astrogold for mobile set for British Summer Time (GMT +1)

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