FIFA World Cup Day 2: Stars and Scores 15th June 2018

All event charts are calculated for BST (British Summer Time) using Astrogold for mobile. 'The favourites' are the team with the best overall bookmaker's odds for that match only. 


Group A: Egypt v Uruguay 


The bookies are in general agreement that Uruguay are favourites to win this match, and the stars are in agreement.  The Moon's final aspect over the 5 degree orb usually allowed for football matches is a trine to the antiscion of Mars Lord 1, significator of the favourites. As the Moon is significator of the flow of events, this a strong sign

 of victory for Uruguay.  The South Node is still close enough (within 2 degrees) to afflict Mars but the Moon's testimony should still be enough to give Uruguay their first win of the tournament.


Group B:  Morocco v Iran


Morocco are the bookie's favourites to win the first match of Group B, so are awarded the 1st and 10th houses and their rulers, Mars and Mercury. Venus and Jupiter are for Iran. Lord 4, Jupiter (significator of victory for Iran) is inside the 1st house and applying retrograde to the cusp of the Ascendant: Iran's hopes for victory are in the clutches of Morocco, a testimony for the favourites.  Additionally, the Moon (flow of events) makes a final aspect to the antiscion of Morocco's Mars - a good indication of victory. However, there are signs that Morocco won't be able to completely dominate the match. Pluto (20 Capricorn 38) who, John Frawley writes in his book "Sports Astrology"; "seems to hold some kind of grudge against favourites", is closely conjunct the antiscion of Fortuna (21 Capricorn 59). Additionally, Mercury's antiscion is conjunct the Sun at 24 Gemini 13, the benefits of cazimi do not seem to apply in football charts, so this is counted as a similar debility to combustion. The South Node afflicts Mars and is likely to add further difficulties for Morocco. 


All testimonies considered, Morocco has the slightly stronger hand but should not expect everything about this match to go their way.  Iran should make a good account of themselves and will likely keep up the pressure until the final whistle is blown. Overall, this promises to be one of the more entertaining games of the day. 


Group B: Portugal v Spain

Recent issues with their coach taken into account, Spain are still the bookie's favourites to win this match and are awarded Saturn Lord 1 and Mars Lord 10.   The Moon's role as indicator of the flow of events takes precedence, so she is unable to act as significator of Portugal, leaving Venus, Lady of the 4th house as the only planet for the opponents. This, and the absence of any distinctively strong testimonies, makes the chart tricky to judge. True, Spain's Saturn (Rx) is strong in his own house, which is probably enough to counteract the debility of Lord 10 Mars' conjunction with the South Node. The Moon applies to oppose the antiscion of Fortuna at 28 Capricorn 12, which would favour the underdogs Portugal, but is outside the allotted 5-6 degrees for a football match.  In the absence of any other strong testimonies of victory Spain should carry the day, unless Portugal can seize an opportunity in extra time.   



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