FIFA World Cup Day 4 : Stars and Scores 17th June 2018

Group E : Costa Rica v Serbia

For this match, the bookmakers favour Serbia.  As favourites they are awarded Mars (Lord 1) and the Sun (Lord 10).  Their opponents Costa Rica have Venus (Lady of the 7th) and Saturn (Lord 4) for their significators. Venus (Costa Rica) benefits from conjunction with the North Node as equally as Serbia is hindered by Mars' conjunction with the South Node but it is the Moon's placement and aspects in this match chart which seem key.  The Moon is just inside the 10th house (victory for the favourites) and (over the 5-6 degree workable orb of movement for football matches) first squares Mars (Lord 1) and then applies to trine Fortuna; both aspects are strong testimonies for the favourites.   


Group E : Brazil v Switzerland


There is a accord between bookmakers that Brazil are favourites for this match. This awards them Saturn (Lord 1) and Mars (Lord 10).  Their opponents

Switzerland have one significator; 

Venus (Lady of the 4th) - the Moon, (Lady of the 7th) is engaged elsewhere in her role as significator of events. Saturn is strengthened by his placement on the cusp of his own house and the antiscion of Mars is conjunct the 10th house cusp (although the orb is fairly wide for charts of this type): So far so good for the favourites.  The Moon applies to trine the antiscion of Saturn, Lord 1 at 23 Sagittarius 26 (which should signify at least one goal for Brazil), and then on to square the antiscion of Venus (25 Taurus 34), significator of victory for the underdogs.  Square, trine and sextile aspects are not as reliable significators of results as conjunctions and oppositions, but there is enough here to indicate that both sides should score at least one goal apiece.  Brazil are likely to get off to a good start, but Switzerland have the power to equalise and potentially take control of the game.  A contender for most interesting match of the day. 


Group F : Germany v Mexico



Germany, as the bookie's favourites for this match, are awarded Mars (Lord 1) and Mercury (Lord 10).  Mexico, their opponents have Venus (Lady of the 7th) and Jupiter (Lord 4).  Neptune on the cusp of the 4th is a potential testimony against Mexico, but they have more to contend with elsewhere in the chart:  The Moon immediately sextiles the antiscion of Mercury (20 Gemini 14), which in the absence of any further testimonies, should give the match to the favourites.  The Moon next applies  to oppose the antiscion of Jupiter (Lord 4) at 25 Aquarius 52, but this is outside the usual 5-6 degree orb of movement which produces reliable results in football charts.  It could signify a last minute fightback from Mexico, but would be dependent on the match going to extra time. 




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