FIFA World Cup Day 8: Stars and Scores 21st June 2018

June 20, 2018

All event charts are calculated for BST (British Summer Time) using Astrogold for mobile. 'The favourites' are the team with the best overall bookmaker's odds for the match in question only.


Group C : Denmark v Australia

For this match, Denmark are favoured by the bookmakers; they have Mars (Lord 1) and the Sun (Lord 10) are their significators.  Their opponents Australia are awarded just one significator; Venus (Lady of the 7th) as Saturn (Lord 4) is otherwise occupied as dispositor of Fortuna.   The bodily placement of Fortuna is not usually considered, however its placement directly on the cusp of the 4th is a positive testimony for Australia.  The Moon, as the significator of the flow of events, applies to trine Fortuna, a testimony for Denmark.  Both sides should score goals in this match, which promises to be one of the most interesting of the day.  All things being equal, the Moon's aspect should carry the day for the favourites but Australia are a team which opponents underestimate at their peril.


Group C:  France v Peru


According to the odds from a selection of bookmakers, this match is already decided in favour of France.  As favourites, France are awarded Jupiter (Lord 1) and Venus (Lady of the 10th).  Their rivals Peru are signified by Mercury (Lord 7) and Mars (Lord 4).  There are several significant testimonies in this chart, an indication that this may prove to be a more surprising match than expected.  The Moon applies to the cusp of the 10th (victory for the favourites) and then to a trine with Jupiter (Lord 1), also for the favourites. However, the Moon's final aspect within the allowable orb is a square to Mercury, Lord 7.  It looks likely that France will take early command of the game, but there is real potential here for Peru to rally and cause an upset.  


Group D : Argentina v Croatia



 The bookies favour Argentina for this match so they are represented by Saturn (Lord 1) and the Sun (Lord 10).  Croatia have as their significators Mercury (the dispositor of the Moon) and Venus (Lord 4).  Argentina are strengthened by Saturn's placement in his own sign and application to the cusp of the 1st house.  The Moon makes a square to Mercury and then a sextile to the antiscion of Saturn (slightly beyond the 5-6 degree usually allowed but potentially as sign that the match may go to extra time). Overall, the chart favours Argentina but promises at least one goal to Croatia. 


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