FIFA World Cup Day 9 : Stars and Scores Friday 22nd June 2018

June 21, 2018

All event charts are calculated for BST (British Summer Time) using Astrogold for mobile. 'The favourites' are the team with the best overall bookmaker's odds for the match in question only.


If the heavens are telling us anything today, it is that astrologers should take the day off.  One of the limitations of this very serviceable technique for judging sporting contests is that there needs to be a clear favourite (for want of a better arbiter, we look to the bookmaker's odds to establish this). At the time of writing, the odds on both teams for two of today's matches are very nearly equal. Bearing this in mind, we will look at the testimonies and judge with the information we have. 


Group D : Nigeria v Iceland

This is the first match of the day which has perplexed the bookies. There is no clear favourite, but since Iceland have been awarded slightly better odds to win they are awarded Jupiter (Lord 1) and Venus (Lady of the 10th).  Mercury (Lord 7) is the sole significator of their rivals, Nigeria (Lord 4 being the dispositor of Fortuna).  The Moon as significator of events is void of course and there are no obvious testimonies by house placement or aspect (in the case of Fortuna, only the dispositor and antiscion are usually considered, not placement by house). Even the heavens seem perplexed by this match!  Both sides clearly have all to play for. 


Group D:  Brazil v Costa Rica


The only match today which in which the bookmakers seem decided on the favourites (Brazil).  Brazil have just one significator, Venus (Lady of the Ascendant).  Mars (Lord 7) are for their rivals, Costa Rica.  Lords 10 and Lords 4 are otherwise occupied in their roles as significator of events (Moon) and dispositor of Fortuna (Saturn).  The Moon in the first house strengthens the favourites, although the distance from the cusp may be too wide to be that influential a testimony.  More significant is the conjunction between Mars and Fortuna - a powerful testimony for Costa Rica:  This match may not go the way the bookies expect! 


Group D :  Serbia v Switzerland


Another match where the bookies seem undecided on the result, giving Serbia (Jupiter Lord 1) only the slightest of advantages over Switzerland (Mercury Lord 7 and Venus  Lady of the 4th).  The Moon as significator of events makes no aspects.  Jupiter, Lord 1 is placed just inside the 10th house.  In the absence of any other testimonies, this could signify victory for the favourites (with both teams so evenly matched, this may prove more difficult to divine than the outcome of the game itself). 




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