All event charts are calculated for BST (British Summer Time) using Astrogold for mobile. 'The favourites' are the team with the best overall bookmaker's odds for the match in question only.


Group C : Australia v Peru 


Australia have played better in this tournament than their results suggest.  However, Peru are still the bookies' favourites for this match.  The only testimony of note is the Moon's trine to the antiscion of Fortuna, a testimony for the favourites, but a far from conclusive one.  This astrologer will be watching with interest.


Group C : Denmark v France

The bookies seem certain that France will win this match, but do the heavens agree?  The shortage of testimonies make this chart difficult to judge.  The only testimony of note is Jupiter's (Lord 4) placement on the cusp of the 1st house; a sign that Denmark are likely to put up a spirited performance and could dominate much of the action.   The orb of aspect is quite wide for this type of chart, so whether this is enough to bring them victory remains to be seen, but it should be enough to guarantee an interesting game for those watching. 


Group D :  Iceland v Croatia


The bookmakers have declared Croatia the favourites.  Their main significator, Saturn (Lord 1) is strengthened by placement in his own sign and the antiscion of Mars, (Lord 10) at 20 Scorpio 46 is placed inside the 10th house (victory to the favourites). The Moon (Lady of the 7th),  is otherwise occupied as significator of the flow of events, so her dispositor, Jupiter is main significator for Iceland.  Placed near the cusp of the 10th, this is a testimony for Iceland. The 10th house testimonies for both teams are weak, being of wide orb and separating from the cusp of the MC (Jupiter is retrograde), so these are inconclusive as is the chart in general.  Another match to watch with interest.


Group D:

Nigeria v Argentina


 The Moon in the first house is a positive testimony that the bookies favourites, Argentina, should take early control of this match. Jupiter (Lord 1) for the favourites is in the 10th house of victory, but too far from the cusp to be creditable.  The antiscion of Fortuna (27 Cancer 04) conjunct Mercury is a favourable testimony for Nigeria, who played well in their last game.  With the significations equally balanced, we must concur with the bookies but are assured of an entertaining match regardless of the result. 


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