FIFA World Cup Semi Finals : Tuesday 10th July 2018


All event charts are calculated for BST (British Summer Time) using Astrogold for mobile. 'The favourites' are the team with the best overall bookmaker's odds for the match in question only.

France v Belgium


The bookmaker's choice for this match is France.  The contest chart for the match seems to agree.  Saturn (Lord 1), main significator of France strengthens the 1st house by sign and placement (applying retrograde to the ascendant).  The antiscion of Mars (Lord 10) at 21 Scorpio 59 is conjunct Fortuna in the 10th house (albeit at wide orb), a further testimony for the favourites.  There are no significant testimonies involving Mercury, (dispositor of the Moon) and Venus (Lady of the 4th) representing Belgium, so this chart looks to be all for the favourites, France.  

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