FIFA World Cup Semi Finals : Wednesday 11th July 2018

All event charts are calculated for BST (British Summer Time) using Astrogold for mobile. 'The favourites' are the team with the best overall bookmaker's odds for the match in question only.

Croatia v England


As football fever increases in intensity throughout the United Kingdom, so decreases the chances of finding an unbiased assessment of the match favourites from the bookmakers. If the odds are accurate, England are the favourites and the baleful influence of Pluto, closely conjunct the ascendant is a severe affliction for them. Furthermore, the Moon immediately applies to oppose the antiscion of Fortuna (00 Capricorn 21), which is another strong testimony for their rivals.  Saturn (Lord 1) applies retrograde to conjunct the antiscion of Fortuna, apparently boosting the fortunes of the favourites but this aspect never perfects:  Saturn turns direct before the crucial degree is reached.  More significant is the Moon's application to oppose Saturn.  This, being the final aspect of the Moon over the usual range of 5-6 degrees should award victory to the favourites.  Whichever team the gods of football decide to favour on the night, the number of significant testimonies in this chart promise a worthy contest and an eventful game. 

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