Women’s World Cup 8th June 2019: Predictions


At first glance, timing would appear to be crucial for Saturday's first match between Germany and China.  The late degree rising means that should there be any delay in the kickoff, even by a matter of minutes, the ascendant will change from Virgo to Libra, giving a different chart for the match.  If this was an electional chart, we would examine both to see which produced the desired outcome, and choose accordingly.  As these are events charts, we will lokk to see if they offer different possible outcomes.

If Virgo rises, Mercury (for bookmaker's favourite Germany) at 06 Cancer and his antiscion (at 23 Gemini 24) lay claim to the 10th house of victory by their placement either side of the house cusp.  A lack of corresponding favourable testimonies for China points to a convincing win for Germany.  If the kickoff is delayed, Libra will ascend, the new event chart making Venus significator of the favourites.  This 'Libra rising chart' also points to victory for Germany, shown by the Moon's square to Venus.  Different charts; same result!  



Spain are tipped to win their first game of the tournament at Le Havre, but the stars may have other ideas:  The Moon's final square to Venus (main significator of their opponents South Africa) indicate that this game could upturn the bookmakers' expectations. 

Furthermore, Uranus just inside the 7th house points to unexpected events causing disruption and controversy - clearly a match not to be missed!



If Germany vs China presents the most intriguing chart of the day, and Spain vs South Africa potentially the most exciting, Norway vs Nigeria, (the last game of today's three), is the most classically elegant.  Here, the Moon's final aspect, the square to Venus ruler of the 10th house of Victory, awards success to match favourites Norway.  




Sports Astrology by John Frawley

Christian Astrology by Wiliam Lilly


Charts calculated with Astrogold for mobile

Astrological analysis by Louise of Arabia


Image of the goddesses Athena and Nike by Robert Auer



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