Women's World Cup 7th June 2019: France vs South Korea



This highly anticipated football tournament begins with a clash between hosts France and South Korea.


France, very much the bookmaker's favourite for this match, are awarded Jupiter (Lord of the Ascendant) retrograde at 19 Sagittarius 50 (retrograde motion is not usually a debility in contest charts) and Venus (Lady of the 10th house of victory) at 28 Taurus 26 as their significators.


Their opponents are signified by Mercury (Lord of the 7th house) at 05 Cancer 19 and Mars, Lord of the 4th house (the 'turned' 10th house - as counted from the 7th house) at 14 Cancer 34.


The aspects the Moon makes describes the progress of events during the match. In football where, at 90 minutes,matches are of relatively short duration, just the aspects which occur over a progress of 5 degrees (6 if extra time is allowed) are usually considered.


Host nation France are tipped to do well in this tournament, reflected by Jupiter's strong placement in his own sign, Sagittarius, in the 1st house. However, the Moon's first aspect, a sextile to the antiscion of Mars at 15 Gemini warns against complacency from the favourites, hinting at an early advantage for South Korea.


However, although the course of the match may not run entirely smoothly for France, the Moon's final aspect (over the allotted 5 degree orb) should see the home crowd leave happy, the Moon's trine to ascendant Lord Jupiter awarding victory to France.




Sports Astrology by John Frawley

Christian Astrology by William Lilly


Chart calculated by Astrogold for mobile

Chart analysis by Louise of Arabia www.louiseofarabia.com


Image of Goddesses Athena and Nike by Robert Auer





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