Women's World Cup Day 4 10th June 2019: Predictions



Japan are firm favourites to win their first match against Argentina, yet the only applying aspect from the Moon (significator of events) is her sextile to the antiscion of Venus (Lady of the 7th house),

promising at least one goal for Argentina.  But will Argentina be able to convert this advantage into a win?

Uranus, planet of change and disruption, hovers over the 7th house cusp.  As seen in 8th June's clash between Spain and South Africa, this can be significant:  Uranus' disruptive influence made itself felt in a red card for South Africa, and it will be interesting to see how he impacts Argentina's performance in their opening game of the tournament. 

While Uranus is likely to prove an affliction to Argentina, Mars (Lord 1) is boosted by his close conjunction with the North Node; a powerful boost for Japan which should help them to turn in a convincing performance and fulfil the prophecies of the bookmakers, although there is a warning in Mars' applying opposition to Saturn, (Lord 4), representing the house of victory for Argentina.

The few, but powerful, testimonies in this chart promise a thrilling, if potentially controversial fixture. 


At first glance, the second match of the day has a more classically elegant and , less volatile chart:  Canada are tipped to win their first match of the tournament and the applying sextile from the Moon to the antiscion of the Venus (Lady of the 10th house; victory for the favourites) seems to agree.  However, the antiscion of the Moon (at 03 Aries 14) applying to the cusp of the 4th house (victory for Cameroon) together with the added boon of 4th Lord Mars closely conjunct the benefic North Node are both intriguing signs that Cameroon may have a few surprises in store.


Overall, fans of all allegiances can look forward to an entertaining day's football, whilst astrologers will find much of interest in how the promise of these charts plays out. 




Sports Astrology by John Frawley

Christian Astrology by William Lilly


Charts calculated with Astrogold for Mobile

Astrological analysis by www.louiseofarabia.com


Image of goddesses Athena and Nike by Robert Auer

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