Women's World Cup 11th June 2019: Predictions


In the opinion of the football pundits, the Netherlands/

Holland are the team most likely to carry the day at Le Havre in today's debut fixture.  As favourites, they are awarded 

Venus (Lady of the Ascendant).  The Moon, as Lady of the 10th house, has a more crucial role marking the progress of events during the match, but her dispositor is also Venus, making this planet doubly important to favourites. Their opponents New Zealand have Mars (Lord 7) and Saturn (Lord 4) as their corresponding significators.

The Moon's placement just inside the 1st house is a positive testimony for the Netherlands but we would hope for a closer orb of conjunction with the ascendant (around 1-2 degrees) to guarantee victory.  

The Moon as significator of the action first applies to a sextile with the antiscion of Fortuna (too weak a testimony to be of significance), but then makes a square to Saturn, ruler of the 4th house which could indicate an early goal for New Zealand.  The North Node's conjunction with Mars is a powerful testimony for New Zealand, but the South Node's conjunction with Saturn (Lord of the 4th house) is an equally severe debility.  The Moon's final aspect (over the 5-6 degree orb of movement allowed for football matches) is a trine to the antiscion of Mars.

This is not an easy chart to judge:  The testimonies of the Nodes essentially cancel each other out so can be removed from the equation.  That leaves one powerful testimony for the Netherlands (Moon in 1st house, conjunct the ascendant) and two testimonies for New Zealand (the Moon's square to Saturn and final trine to Mars): Potentially a very close match, maybe even a draw. The Netherlands are likely to control the action, but should not let their guard down as New Zealand have the potential to score at least twice; possibly enough to edge the result in their favour.  


The North Node's exact conjunction with Mars (Lord 1) is a highly positive testimony for favourites Sweden.  Conversely, the affliction of Saturn (Lord 4) from the South Node is a severe debility for their opponents, Chile.  Rebellious Uranus, who is fast acquiring a reputation for keeping the referee busy, may also cause problems for Chile by dint of his placement on the 7th house cusp. 

With promise of an early goal to Sweden, the Moon first applies to square the antiscion of the Sun (Lord 10).  She 

then sextiles the antiscion of Saturn (Lord 4), signifying the possibility of a corresponding goal from Chile (although with Saturn's proximity to the South Node, they should take care that any goal is not disallowed).  

The final aspect from the Moon (to the antiscion of Mars, Lord 1) should decide the match in favour of Sweden.  Overall, expect a lively match seasoned with a pinch of controversy. 



In the history of the Women's World Cup, the U.S. have never lost their opening game, and the bookmakers seem united in backing them as clear favourites. The Moon's placement just inside the 10th house (victory for the favourites) confirms they will dominate much of the action.  However, the Moon's two aspects (over the allowable 5 degree orb) are both in favour of Thailand:  A square to Mercury (Lord 7) and a trine to the antiscion of Mars (Lord 4) at 12 Gemini 53.  These testimonies are unlikely to be enough to wrest control of the game from the U.S., but may enable to afford Thailand the consolation of scoring a point against the tournament favourites. 



Sports Astrology by John Frawley


Christian Astrology by William Lilly


Charts calculated with Astrogold for Mobile


Astrological Analysis by www.louiseofarabia.com


Image of goddesses Athena and Nike by Robert Auer


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