Women's World Cup 13th June 2019: Predictions


Thursday's opening match between Australia and Brazil is a tough one to call:  Favourites Australia found their game against Italy more challenging than might be expected, whilst Brazil embark on their first game of the tournament in devastating form.  

The bookmakers are stil offering slightly better odds on Australia to win, so they are awarded Mars (Lord 1) and the Sun (Lord 10) as their significators.  Brazil are signified by Venus (Lady of the 7th) and Saturn (Lord 4).  

The North Node's separating but still close conjunction with Mars is a boon for the favourites, whilst South Node conjunct Saturn is a corresponding debility for their opponents.  

The Moon's applying sextile to the antiscion of the dispositor of Fortuna at 10 Capricorn 55 is too weak to make much difference, and the Moon is too far away from the cusp of the 1st house to help the favourites, so the aspects  of the North and South Nodes are the only testimonies of significance.  

In his book "Sports Astrology", John Frawley notes that aspects from the Nodes are powerful, so these testimonies point to a win for the favourites.  Provided the football pundits have judged correctly, the favourites are Australia, but recent events show that they will have to come out fighting.  Brazil are a team it is never wise to underestimate, particularly when they are in such dangerous form.


In Paris, China are favourites to win their first fixture against South Africa, but they would be ill-advised to discount their opponents, whose strong performance against Italy was not reflected in the result.  Jupiter (Lord 1) and Venus (Lady of the 10th) signify China, whilst Mercury (Lord 7) and Mars (Lord 4) represent South Africa.  In this game, the North Node's conjunction with Mars favours South Africa, but the Moon's final (and only aspect over the 5 degree orb) is a sextile to the antiscion of Jupiter (at 10 Capricorn 56), a strong testimony for the favourites.  Overall, a promising game in which the result could be much closer than might be expected.  




Sports Astrology by John Frawley


Christian Astrology by William Lilly


Charts calculated with Astrogold for Mobile


Astrological analysis by www.louiseofarabia.com


Image of goddesses Athena and Nike by Robert Auer


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