Women's World Cup 17th June 2019: Predictions

Kicking  off today's packed schedule are two early evening fixtures between China vs Spain and South Africa vs Germany, with Spain and Germany favoured to win their respective matches.  

The event charts for these games are similar enough to be considered together. 

Once again, the malice of the South Node will be felt by China and South Africa, by means of his severe affliction to Saturn, Lord 4.   

However, the final result  is likely to be determined by the Moon, who is void-of-course at the kickoff for both matches and makes no significant aspects for the duration.  

In horary, a void-of-course Moon is traditionally read as indicating that 'nothing will happen' (although there are exceptions, depending on the context of the question).​​

But here we are looking at event charts for sporting contests, so the meaning differs.  As John Frawley points out in his book "Sports Astrology"; to judge that "nothing will happen" is not an option, as even a draw is a result.  A more likely interpretation would be that the status quo will be maintained:  Those teams which begin the matches as the favourites and frontrunners will remain so when the final whistle is blown:  The likely victors in their respective games will be Spain and Germany.  




Nigeria have fought valiantly throughout the tournament, but appear likely to lose out to match favourites France this evening in Rennes.

The placement of Venus (ruler of the 10th house) on the cusp of 7th house is a key testimony in favour of France and a sign that the host nation can look forward to a commanding

performance from their home team, and a place in the final sixteen. 




scheduled to kick off at the same time as Nigeria vs France, the event chart for South Korea vs Norway in Reims has subtle differences due to it being set for the different location.

In this chart, Venus is too far away from the 7th house cusp to render any assistance to match favourites 

Norway, which comes instead from their main significator Jupiter's placement just within the 1st house. This strengthening influence from Jupiter, in the absence of other more convincing testimonies, should award them the match.



Sports Astrology by John Frawley


Christian Astrology by William Lilly


Charts calculated with Astrogold for Mobile


Astrological analysis by ww.louiseofarabia.com













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