Women's World Cup 18th June 2019: Predictions


Both of today's fixtures are scheduled to start at the same time and have very similar charts.  

In Grenoble, Australia are tipped to win their match against Jamaica and, as favourites, are awarded Jupiter (Lord 1) and Venus (Lady of the 10th). Jamaica have Mercury (Lord 7) and Mars (Lord) as their significators. 

The only aspect of significance is the Moon's opposition to the antiscion of Venus at 18 Cancer 49.  This is by no means conclusive, but should award victory to favourites Australia.  



The chart for Italy vs Brazil is similarly lacking in conclusive testimonies.  The applying opposition between the Moon and the antiscion of Venus (Lady of the 10th) at 18 Cancer 49 favours the favourites, whose cause is further 

strengthened by the conjunction of main significator Jupiter with the 1st house cusp.  On current form, Italy and Brazil are well matched but, in the absence of any significant testimonies for their opponents, a win for the favourites is the most likely outcome.  But who truly are the favourites?  This question may prove trickier to judge than the chart itself.  Despite Italy's strong performance in the tournament so far, the pundits still favour Brazil to win. Whether the stars agree remains to be seen.


Note:  In both matches, the Moon applies to conjunct the malefic South Node and makes her final aspect (over the allowable 5 degree orb of movement) to Saturn, who has a tendency to function as a malefic in event charts for sporting contests when not otherwise occupied.  It will be interesting to see how both the South Node and Saturn make their presence felt in this evening's games.  




Sports Astrology by John Frawley


Christian Astrology by William Lilly


Charts calculated with Astrogold for Mobile


Astrological analysis by ww.louiseofarabia.com




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