Women's World Cup 23rd June 2019: Predictions


In their last game Cameroon sent match favourites New Zealand home and won themselves a place in the Round of 16 with a goal in the 95th minute.  

In Valenciennes, the Indomitable Lionesses will play Phil Neville’s Irreplaceable Lionesses, and nothing less than a  battle royal is expected.  England are tipped to win and are awarded Mars (Lord 1) and the Sun (Lord 10) as their significators.  Venus (Lady of the 7th) and Saturn (Lord 4) represent Cameroon.  There are few testimonies here to help the favourites.  The conjunction of Fortuna to Mars (Lord 1) would be a boon to England, but already in the past. 

Cameroon have to contend with the detrimental application of Saturn (Lord 4) to the malefic South Node, but have in their corner the powerful testimony of Pluto opposition Fortuna (which John Frawley notes in Sports Astrology works against the favourites and favours their opponents).

Since extra time is possible, we can allow 6 degrees as the workable orb for the Moon's movement during the match.  This gives us just one aspect, a square from the Moon to Venus, again favouring Cameroon.  England may be match favourites, but they would do well to be on their guard. By this reckoning, Cameroon have the potential to cause one of the biggest upsets of the tournament so far.


The testimonies in the event chart for match favourites France vs opponents Brazil are much clearer and emphatically in favour of the tournament hosts.  

Jupiter on the 1st house cusp strengthens their cause, whilst Venus (Lady of the 10th) closely conjunct the 7th house cusp is an even stronger testimony for the favourites, particularly in combination with the Moon's applying square to Venus. In the absence of any testimonies for Brazil, this chart promises a win for France. 




Sports Astrology by John Frawley

Christiam Astrology by William Lilly


Charts calculated with Astrogold for Mobile

Astrological analysis by www.louiseofarabia.com


Image of goddesses Athena and Nike by Robert Auer






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