Women's World Cup Semi-Final: 3rd July 2019 The Netherlands vs Sweden

This will be the fourth time Sweden have reached the semi-finals, yet it is the Netherlands, (who finished top of their group), who are considered the clear favourites to win their semi-final debut tonight in Lyon. 

Saturn (Lord 1) strong in his own sign of Capricorn, is the main significator of the Netherlands, who are also represented by Mars, Lord 10.   Saturn is conjunct the Part of Fortune, a highly favourable testimony: If this aspect were applying, it would be powerful enough to settle the result by itself but, even separating, it is a formidable card in the Netherland's potentially winning hand, particularly as Saturn is also the dispositor of Fortuna.  Balanced against this is the close conjunction between Saturn and the debilitating South Node, although this appeared to do little to undermine the USA's performance in their semi-final yesterday.  A more serious affliction is the applying conjunction between the Part of Fortune and Pluto, of which John Frawley writes; "If conjunct or opposing Fortuna, or the antiscion or dispositor of Fortuna, this (Pluto) favours the underdogs" (p90 "Sports Astrology" JohnFrawley Apprentice Books 2007).  This aspect may yet be too far away to deal much damage (Frawley observes 1-2 degrees as the most effective orb) but is notable as warning for the favourites.


But what of their opponents?  As with yesterday's semi-final between England and the USA, there is no clear main significator for Sweden:  The Moon, ruler of the 7th house cusp has another role as indicator of events and, being in her own sign of Cancer, there is no dispositor to provide an alternative significator. As a country traditionally ruled by Gemini, we could substitute Mercury as 'natural' ruler of Sweden, although I know of no astrological precedent for this solution.  Otherwise, we are left with Venus (Lady of the 4th) as Sweden's sole significator. Fortunately for Sweden, Venus is in a benevolent mood, dignified by face and placed on the 7th cusp strengthening their suit.  She would be a more convincing ally were she closer to the cusp (with a 1-2 degree orb), but this is still a positive testimony for Sweden.


The Moon applies first to sextile the antiscion of Mercury at 26 Taurus 13, which may (if the attribution of Mercury as 'natural' ruler of Sweden is a workable theory) award them an early advantage.  

In any case, the final aspect is a sextile to the antiscion of Mars (Lord 10) at 29 Taurus 51 which should be sufficient to award the Netherlands a place in the final.  




Sports Astrology by John Frawley

Christian Astrology by William Lilly


Charts calculated with Astrogold for Mobile

Astrological Analysis by www.louiseofarabia


Image of the goddesses Athena and Nike by Robert Auer








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