Shooting Stars: Football predictions 9th-11th August 2019

"As above, so below":  The wisdom of Hermes Trismegistus is demonstrated daily in the correlation between astral events and those on earth, and that bounded by the dimensions of a football pitch is no exception. 

The beginning of the new football season marks the start of this series of weekly posts, which will feature a sample of soccer-based speculation on how the day's astrological forecast are liklely to be played out on the football field.


This week's featured matches are Liverpool vs Norwich, West Ham vs Manchester City, Spurs vs Aston Villa and Manchester United vs Chelsea



In the opening match at Anfield, last season runners-up Liverpool will be favourites to beat newly-promoted Norwich and have Saturn (Lord 1) and Jupiter (Lord 10) as their significators;

both planets strongly dignified in their own signs.  The Moon (Lady of the 7th) already has a key role as significtor of events, so cannot represent Norwich.  Her dispositor, Jupiter, is already occupied as Lord 10, leaving Norwich just one significator, Mercury (Lord of the 4th).  

The Moon immediately applies to Jupiter, a compelling testimony of victory for the home side.  Balanced against this, Mercury just inside the 7th house argues the case for Norwich and warns that Liverpool would do well not to underestimate their opponents.  

A conjunction between the antiscion of Saturn (14 Sagittarius 54) and Lord 10 Jupiter tips the balance in favour of Liverpool, but there will be much in Norwich's spirited performance to give their supporters hope of a successful season.


Premier League champions Manchester City will be looking to repeat their success this season, and the antiscion of Fortuna (at 27 Libra 51) on the cusp of the 1st house for their debut match is a persuasive augury of victory.  However, the Moon's application to Mars (Lord 7) cautions that West Ham will not concede without a fight, their best chance against the favourites being a goal in the closing minutes of the match.  



Some testimonies are strong enough on their own to decide the outcome of a match: The Moon exactly on the cusp of the first house is sufficient reason for favourites Spurs to be confident of victory. However, the applying Lunar trine to Mars (Lord 4) will afford newly-promoted Aston Villa the consolation of scoring at least one goal against their opponents. 



The pundits favour the hosts to win at Old Trafford in their first match of the season against Chelsea.  Their main significator, Jupiter (Lord 1) is strengthened by placement in his own sign and the angular 1st house.  Representing 

opponents Chelsea, Mercury (Lord 7) is in a much weaker condition; 

peregrine in the 8th house.  The absence of significant testimonies invloving the Moon or either team's planetary significators points to a lacklustre game, with Jupiter's strength awarding a slight advantage to Manchester United. 


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