Shooting Stars: Football predictions 17th-18th August 2019







Manchester City, who debuted in spectacular fashion with a 5-0 victory over West Ham, are heavily tipped to win their first home game of the season; an opinion with which the heavens concur, the Moon's immediate application to trine Fortuna a classic testimony of victory for the favourites.  The strength of Jupiter (Lord 1) in his own sign and the corresponding lack of testimonies for Mercury (Lord 7), significator of opponents Tottenham Hotspur augur another convincing win for hosts Manchester City.



For the first of Sunday's matches, a look at the Champions league, where Reading play hosts to Cardiff City at Madejski Stadium.  Over their last four fixtures against Reading, Cardiff have struggled to make headway (their best result was a 1-1 draw) and this match looks unlikely to prove an exception:  The Moon's applying trine to the antiscion of Fortuna (29 Cancer 28) augurs another victory for favourites Reading.  The affliction by combustion of Reading's main significator Venus (Lady of the ascendant) should afford Cardiff at least one opportunity of scoring against their opponents, but Mercury (dispositor of Fortuna) in the 10th house nevertheless points to victory for the home team.  



Back to the Premier League, where recently-promoted Sheffield United will be playing host at their early afternoon fixture with Crystal Palace.  The pundits favour Sheffield (but only slightly), and unlike the previous two charts, the testimonies for this match are much less emphatic and the result consequently more tricky to predict: Mars (Lord 1) applies to conjunct the Midheaven, which would be a guaranteed testimony for Sheffield United if the orb of aspect were not far wider than usually effective in a 90 minute match.  Venus, (Lady of the 7th) combust severely afflicts the the Eagles but Mercury, dispositor of Fortuna just inside the 7th house offers them hope of at least one goal if not the match. Perhaps the strongest testimony is the void-of-course Moon, which in contest charts argues for a maintenance of the status quo: Crystal Palace won their last three fixtures against Sheffield United and the void of course Moon argues that they will again emerge as victors when the final whistle blows.    


Despite their 4-0 defeat at the hands of Manchester United last week, the strength of Jupiter, in his own sign on the cusp of the 1st house, testifies to the confidence and ability of favourites Chelsea as they head in to their first home game of the season this Sunday.  However, the void of course Moon argues that the winners of the last Chelsea vs Leicester fixture will keep their title as victors in the next - and the winning team on that occasion was Leicester City.  Add to the equation the beseigement of Jupiter's antiscion (15 Capricorn 26) by malefics Saturn and the South Node, and the combustion of 10th house ruler Venus, and the result becomes far less certain than the bookie's odds imply.  Overall, a tricky chart to judge: Chelsea are strongly placed, but have hefty obstacles to overcome.  Leicester have two testimonies in their favour; the void-of-course Moon, and the trine from the antiscion of Mercury, Lord 7 (at 20 Taurus 16) to sextile Fortuna.  Chelsea will have to work hard to avoid defeat and a draw is also a distinct possibility.  


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