Shooting Stars: Football Predictions 23rd to 25th August 2019


Favourites Everton are signified by Ascendant Lord Saturn, and Jupiter, Lord of the 10th house, both strengthened by placement in their own signs.  Jupiter has the added advantage of angular placement on the cusp of the 10th house, symbolising victory for the favourites, whilst Saturn's antiscion (at 15 Sagittarius 35) is also conjunct the 10th house - another strong testimony of success.  However, both planets are conjunct the South Node; Saturn by bodily aspect and Jupiter by antiscion (15 Capricorn 16); a warning for Everton against overconfidence, lest their opponents benefit from any mistakes.  

But what of Aston Villa?  Having already lost both of their previous games, theirs has not been an auspicious start to the season.

The Moon's immediately applying aspect to a square with Mars (dispositor of Fortuna) offers the possibility of at least one goal for the underdogs, but ultimately it will be up to Everton to decide the result. 



Although the pundits strongly favour hosts Liverpool to win, in reality this is one of the most evenly matched games of the weekend.  

Both sides top the table with 6 points apiece, Liverpool leading on goal difference.  Saturn, strong in his own sign of Capricorn, favours Liverpoolbut his proximity to the South Node (even separating) is a serious affliction.  The Moon, in her primary role as representative of the flow of events (Mercury, dispositor of the Moon, is substituted as main significator for Arsenal) first opposes the antiscion of the Part of Fortune (15 Pisces 50), a testimony in favour of Arsenal before moving to oppose Saturn by antiscion (15 Sagittarius 37), signifying an equaliser for Liverpool.  This makes a draw a likely prospect, providing Liverpool do not fall foul of the pernicious influence of the South Node, highlighted by the opposition of the Moon by antiscion (16 Cancer 00).  With Pluto and his infamous grudge against the favourites also close by, Liverpool would be do well to approach this match with caution.  



At the time of writing, Swansea currently reside in 2nd place in the Championship league, only denied the top spot on goal difference. Birmingham are in 8th place.  As favourites, Swansea are represented by Mars (Lord 1) whilst Venus (Lady of the 7th) is the main significators for their opponents.  The Moon first applies to sextile the antiscion of Venus (24 Aries 57), then Mars (25 Aries 24) before her final aspect,another sextile, to the antiscion of the Sun (Lord 10 and dispositor of Fortuna) at 28 Aries 02):  At least one goal apiece is indicated, with the final result likely to favour Swansea.  




Recent events have proved that Manchester City are not unstoppable, but Fortuna just inside the cusp of the 10th house promises the favourites a more creditable result than their recent draw against Spurs.  Bournemouth, currently placed 7th in the Premiership, are promised at least one goal against their opponents (as evinced by the applying sextile from the Moon to the antiscion of Venus (Lady of the 7th) at 24 Aries 51 but her next aspect, a sextile to the antiscion of Mars (Lord 1) at 25 Aries 21 echos the promise of Fortuna in awarding the result to visitors Manchester City.


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