Shooting Stars: Football Predictions 30th August - 1st September 2019


The weekend's predictions begin with a Friday fixture from the Championship League, where Cardiff City play hosts to Fulham.  Fulham are the bookie's favourites and are signified by Saturn (Lord 1) whilst the Sun (Lord 7) represents Cardiff City. The conjunction of Jupiter, dispositor of the Part of Fortune with the Midheaven in his own sign of Sagittarius is a highly favourable testimony for Fulham.  Mercury (Lord 4) applying to conjunct the Sun (Lord 7) looks to be a corresponding testimony for Cardiff City, but Mars intercedes before the aspect perfects. The conjunction of Saturn's antiscion (at 15 Sagittarius 49) confirms the likelihood of a win for Fulham.  



In the Premier League, Liverpool are favourites to win at Turf Moor in their Saturday afternoon 

fixture against hosts Burnley, and are represented by Saturn (Lord 1), who is strongly placed in his own sign of Capricorn and is also dispositor of Fortuna. The Moon (Lady of the 7th) has a crucial role as significator of events, so Burnley are represented by the Moon's dispositor, Mercury, who is also strongly placed in Virgo (his own sign and the sign of his exaltation) but hindered by combustion (within 8 degrees of the Sun).  This affliction, together with the Moon's trine to Fortuna favours Liverpool, the only testimony against them being Pluto's conjunction with Fortuna, which (within close orb) can prove a severe affliction for the favourites.  In this instance, the orb of aspect should be too wide to cause Liverpool significant difficulty but Pluto's pernicious influence should never be entirely discounted and, at the very least, is likely to limit the number of goals scored.



The duel between Everton and Wolves promises to be one of the more evenly matched of Sunday's fixtures.  The pundits favour Everton, who are represented by Mars (Lord 1), with Venus (Lady of the 7th) signifying their opponents. The event chart for the match is remarkable for the scarcity of significant testimonies.  Mars is cazimi (placed within 17' of the Sun); a powerfully fortunate testimony which is described as being like a man raised up to sit beside the king.  However, as John Frawley notes in his book "Sports Astrology",  this rarely has significance in event charts of sporting contests, most likely because there is no king to bestow honour or influence events.  Venus applies to conjunct the Midheaven (favouring Wolves) although the orb here is too wide to be conclusive.  Nevertheless, this testimony taken together with the Moon's opposition to the antiscion of Venus (at 16 Aries 11) strengthens the case for a Wolves win, their best chance of victory being a goal in the later stages of the match or (if possible) in extra time.  



If the start time of the Sunday afternoon fixture between Arsenal and Spurs is just one minute later than the scheduled kickoff time, this will change the sign rising from Sagittarius to Capricorn. However, the resulting change of significators is unlikely to alter the result.   In the first instance, the Moon first applies to square Saturn, dispositor of Fortuna, signifying a goal for the underdogs (Spurs) then moves on to aspect Jupiter (Lord 1) by sextile, awarding the match to favouites Arsenal.  If kickoff is late and Capricorn rises, the Moon's square to Saturn is again a testimony of victory for the favourites.  The only aspect of the match which may differ is the number of goals, with both sides more likely to score if the match kicks off on time. 


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