Shooting Stars: Football Predictions 14th - 15th September 2019

September 12, 2019


Following last week's European Championship qualifiers, Premiership fixtures resume on Saturday 

at Anfield where Liverpool are favourites to win against visitors Newcastle United. Liverpool have not lost a match at home since April 2017 and, as favourites, are signified by Mars (Lord 1) strongly placed in the angular 10th house. With several of Liverpool's players contending with injuries, Mars' debilitation by combustion (close proximity to the Sun) seems accurate - but based on their convincing performance in recent weeks, this setback may not prove as significant as it would otherwise appear.  In contrast, opponents Newcastle (signified by Venus, Lady of the 7th) have had a patchy start to the season, signified by Venus' mixed dignity by triplicity and fall.  However, Venus is just about to change signs from Virgo to her own sign of Libra, a significant increase in strength and dignity.  Before she does, the Moon (in her role as significator of events) aspects Venus by opposition.  This, the only aspect the Moon makes for the duration of the match, is a sign that Norwich will give a good account of themselves and are likely to score at least one goal against the favourites. Even if victory should elude them, this game should mark a significant upturn in fortunes for the Magpies. 


The pundits are in agreement that there can only be one likely outcome at Carrow Road this Saturday, where Manchester City are strongly tipped to beat hosts Norwich City. The Moon makes one aspect, to the antiscion of Mercury (Lord 4) at 29 Pisces 20, a weak but positive testimony for Norwich to score at least one goal against their opponents.  Otherwise, considering the respective strength of the significators (Saturn, Lord 1 for Manchester City and the Sun, Lord 7 for Norwich) the result is likely to be as the pundits predict.  Saturn is strong in his own sign, whilst the Sun is peregrine; a sign that visitors Manchester City are likely to dominate the match, although the debility of Saturn's separating conjunction with the South Node may restrict the number of goals they are able to score. 



The pundits are less certain as to the outcome of Sunday afternoon's fixture between Bournemouth and Everton, although opinion slightly favours Everton. In contrast, the event chart for the match, makes a good case for Bournemouth.  Most significantly, Mercury (Lord 7, for Bournemouth) applies to conjunct the 10th house of victory.  Furthermore, the Moon, significator of events, applies to conjunct the cusp of the 4th house (victory for the underdogs); another testimony for Bournemouth.  However, favourites Everton are not without testimonies in their favour; the Moon applies to a square with the antiscion of Jupiter (Lord 1) at 13 Capricorn 41, whilst Jupiter is strongly placed in his own sign.  A draw is highly probable, but a surprise victory for Bournemouth should not be ruled out.  


In this Sunday afternoon fixture, Arsenal are the favourites to win against hosts Watford.  The heavens seem to agree:  Saturn (Lord 1) is strongly placed, in his own sign and directly on the cusp of the ascendant - a sign that despite injury worries, Arsenal go into the game in fine form. The Moon (Lady of the 7th) is otherwise 

occupied in as significator of events so her dispositor, Mars, represents Watford.  In close proximity to the Sun, Mars is combust, a strong affliction for the underdogs.  To add to Watford's woes, the Moon applies to a square with Saturn, a further testimony in favour of Arsenal which should carry the match, and result, for the favourites.   


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