Shooting Stars: Football Predictions 20th - 22nd September 2019

September 19, 2019


Following their 3-1 win against Everton, home team Southampton are the bookies' favourites and are therefore signified by Mars (Lord 1), whilst Venus (Lady of the 7th) represents opponents 

Bournemouth. A late degree rises:  If the kickoff is delayed by so much as a minute, the rising sign for the chart of this match will change from Aries to Taurus, causing Venus and Mars to switch their alliegance; Mars now signifying Bournemouth and Venus Southampton.  However, for all practical purposes, this should make little difference to the outcome:  The key aspects in this chart are the oppositions from the Moon (significator of events) to the antiscion Fortuna's dispositor, Saturn (16 Sagittarius 06) and the antiscion of Fortuna itself (16 Sagittarius 53), which both favour Bournemouth, although Saturn's conjunction with the 10th house cusp also promises a convincing showing from their opponents Southampton, and at least one goal for the home side.



On to Saturday's featured fixture, where Pluto casts his baleful influence over favourites Newcastle, both by his proximity to the ascendant and his retrograde application to Saturn, who as Lord 1 is Newcastle's main significator. 

Balanced against this, the Moon (who signifies the progress of events during the match) immediately applies to trine Fortuna, a significant testimony for the favourites (as she also rules the 7th house, Mercury, the Moon's dispositor stands in a main significator for Brighton). In the absence of any further testimonies, Newcastle retain the edge in this contest, although Pluto's influence may restrict the number of goals scored.  



Over to the Scotland for Sunday's matches, where St Johnstone play hosts to Rangers and Celtic take on visitors Kilmarnock.  Although both are lunchtime fixtures, the time difference between kickoffs (and corresponding variations in their event charts) make these matches worthy of comparison. In the earlier match, Rangers, the clear favourites, are signified by Mars (Lord 1), whilst Venus (Lady of the 7th, strongly dignified by her placement in her own sign of Libra) represents St Johnstone.  Mars appears to be afflicted by combustion but, as the Sun has a key role in this chart as dispositor of Fortuna, this is not the case.  Mars' conjunction with Fortuna's dispositor would award Rangers the match, but this opportunity slips away as the Sun changes signs from Virgo to Libra before the aspect perfects. The Moon first applies to sextile the antiscion of Fortuna (05 Taurus 37) then squares the antiscion of Mars (07 Aries 02), both testimonies for Rangers, then squares Venus (St Johnstone) at 09 Libra 48.  This last aspect is slightly beyond the orb of aspect we would usually allow for a 90 minute football match but, given the strength of Venus it is worth considering.  The indications are that Rangers will dominate the action and are the likely winners, but should beware of the latter stages of the game (and extra time in particular) when St Johnstone could capitalise on a late advantage.


The kickoff for Celtic vs Kilmarnock is scheduled for half an hour later, changing the dispositor of Fortuna from the Sun to Mercury.  This is more relevant to favourites Celtic, whose main significator (Mars) applies to the 10th house cusp (victory) is already peregrine and is now afflicted by combustion. Venus, main significator of Kilmarnock, is strengthened by placement in her own sign and applies to conjunct Mercury, dispositor of Fortuna, but the aspect fails to before Mercury changes signs.  With mixed indications for both teams, it again falls to the Moon to provide the deciding testimonies for this match.  She first applies to square the antiscion of Mars (07 Aries 01) for Celtic then applies to square Venus, for Kilmarnock:  A draw is highly possible.



The final featured match for this week is the Edinburgh derby between Hibernian and Hearts. Both teams have had a patchy season, with little to choose between them.  The pundits favour home team Hibs, but only just.  However, the event chart for the match shows their potential for much better form; their significator, Jupiter is strong in his own sign and conjunct the ascendant:  It seems as if Hibs will rise to the challenge of a derby match in front of their home crowd.  But what of their opponents?   Hearts are signified by Mercury, who is peregrine (as it is a day-time chart, dignity by triplicity does not apply).  The Moon's aspects promise goals for both teams:  She applies first to square the antiscion of Mars (Lord 10), at 07 Aries 01 for Hibs and then squares Venus (Lady of the 4th) for Hearts.  Hibs may play the better game, but ultimately a draw is the most likely outcome.  


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Astrological analysis by LouiseOfArabia 





Sports Astrology by John Frawley

Christian Astrology by William Lilly 








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