Shooting Stars: Football Predictions 27th - 29th September 2019

September 26, 2019

Venus (Lady of the Ascendant), strong in her own sign of Libra represents favourites Nottingham Forest in Friday night's fixture against hosts Stoke City, but the heavens suggest that victory for Forest is by no means certain. Saturn, Lord of the 10th house (victory for the favourites) in his own sign and applying to the Midheaven is a helpful testimony for Forest, (who should score at least one goal) but Pluto and the South Node beseiging the Midheaven cautions that all may not go the way the favourites hope.  Hosts Stoke City are represented by Mars, Lord of the 7th house.  The conjunction of the Moon (representing the flow of events) and Mars should award a goal to Stoke and may even be conclusive enough to award them the match.   





On to Saturday, where Liverpool are hotly tipped to win their lunchtime fixture against hosts Sheffield Utd.  Jupiter (Lord 1) represents Liverpool, strongly placed in his own sign of Sagittarius whilst Sheffield are awarded Mercury (Lord 7), dignified by term and conjunct the benevolent fixed star Spica.  Fortuna's dispositor Mars immediately applies to the 10th house cusp; a very favourable testimony for Liverpool.  However, the Moon's opposition to the antiscion of Fortuna at 03 Aries 41 is an equally strong testimony for Sheffield: This may not be the conclusive win for Liverpool the pundits expect.  Sheffield will score at least one goal, and a draw is very possible. 


Over to the Scottish Premiership, where Hibs vs Celtic's match, although scheduled for the same time as our previously featured match between Sheffield Utd and Liverpool has a slightly different chart due to the difference in location.  In this chart Mars (as Lord of the Ascendant) is main significator of favourites Celtic.  Mars placed just inside the 10th house is a strong testimony for the favourites, as is the Moon's opposition to the antiscion of Mars at 03 Aries 41.   


Manchester City are on an impressive winning streak.  But will Everton be the team to stop them?  Saturn (Lord 1) strongly placed in his own sign of Capricorn represents favourites Manchester City whilst the Sun (Lord 7) is significator for their opponents Everton. Jupiter strong in his own sign conjunct the Midheaven (victory for the favourites) favours Manchester City, as does the conjunction between the antiscion of Saturn (at 16 Sagittarius 01) and Jupiter (Lord 10).  However, neither of these testimonies are as strong as the Moon's immediate application to the Sun (Lord 7) which favours Everton. This has the potential to be a high scoring game in which another win for City is by no means guaranteed.



On to Sunday's featured match, where Leicester City are tipped to win against the visiting Magpies.  However, the heavens may have other ideas.  Saturn (Lord 1) denotes the favourites, whilst their opponents, Newcastle, are represented by Venus, dispositor of the Moon (the Moon being otherwise occupied as significator of events).  The Moon immediately applies to conjunct Venus, for Newcastle and then moves on to conjunct Mercury (Lord 4 - victory for the underdogs), awarding at least two goals (and most probably the match) to visitors Newcastle.  


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