Shooting Stars: Football Predictions 4th-6th October 2019


Our first match takes place this Friday evening; an even contest between two Championship teams of comparable form.  But every match must have a favourite, and in this case the pundits favour Birmingham City.  They are represented by Venus, strong in her own sign at 25 Libra 06.  Mars, who has just entered the sign of his detriment at 00 Libra 23,signifies visitors Middlesbrough.  The Moon applies to sextile the antiscion of Venus (04 Pisces 54), an indication of a goal for the favourites.  Additionally, the antiscion of Fortuna (at 21 Taurus 26) just inside the first house and conjunct the ascendant is a testimony for Birmingham City which, together with the Moon's aspect to the antiscoin of Venus should prove conclusive.  The only testimony against victory for the favourites is the placement of Pluto just inside the 10th house and, without any other supporting testimonies for Middlesbrough, this is unlikely to prevent a Birmingham win, although it may restrict the number of goals scored. 



On to Saturday afternoon, where West Ham do battle with Crystal Palace in the Premiership. Home team West Ham are the bookies' favourites and represented by ascendant ruler Jupiter,

strongly placed in his own sign of Sagittarius and applying to conjunct the Midheaven.   In contrast, Lord 7 Mercury (for Crystal Palace) is peregrine and on the cusp of the unfortunate 8th house.  The antiscion of the Moon (at 18 Sagittarius 59) is conjunct Jupiter, auguring victory for West Ham.  This is likely to be a low scoring game, with a maximum of two goals for the winners at most.  


On Sunday, St James' Park plays host to visitors Manchester Utd.  Even with injuries and suspensions to contend with, Manchester Utd are still favourites to win.  Their significator, ascendant Lord Saturn is strongly placed in his own sign.  As the Moon (Lady of the 7th) is otherwise occupied in her role representing the unfolding of events during the game, and her dispositor (Saturn) is already spoken for, Newcastle Utd must look to the ruler of the 4th house, a peregrine Mercury, for their significator.  The Moon applies to conjunct the ascendant;  very fortunate for the favourites.  However, she next squares Venus, (the dispositor of Fortuna), a corresponding boon for Newcastle:  With no other significant testimonies, a draw is not beyond the bounds of possibility.  



Despite their draw against Hibs last weekend, Celtic are still favourites to win their lunchtime fixture against Livingston on Sunday.  They are represented by Mars, in his detriment at 01 Libra 27.  Venus, strongly placed in her own sign at 27 Libra 11, signifies their hosts and opponents. There is little in the way of testimonies to cheer Celtic, whilst the Moon's application first to square the antiscion of Fortuna (24 Libra 19) and then to square Venus both favour Livingston.  If these two testimonies translate into goals for the home side, this match could prove more of a challenge to visitors than the pundits expect.


Staying with the Scottish Premiership, this Sunday at Ibrox Rangers play hosts to Hamilton Academical.  Having won all their games against the Accies last season, Rangers are heavily tipped to win again.  Saturn, strongly placed in his own sign of Capricorn, represents Rangers whilst (with the Moon and her dispositor otherwise occupied) Venus, Lady of the 4th house, signifies their opponents.  Venus is well placed in her own sign of Libra, a sign that the Accies go into this match in fine form. In pre-match interviews, Hamilton Academical's head coach has described Rangers as 'formidable' opponents:  Libra is the sign in which Saturn is exalted, so with their main significator in the exaltation of their opponents, Hamilton Academical's high opinion of Rangers appears to be reflected in the heavens. The Moon's aspects describe events during the match.  She first squares Venus (a possible goal for the Accies) and next applies to the antiscion of Mars (for Rangers) at 15 Sagittarius 50.  Lunar aspects involving antiscions are by no means conclusive, but this, the last aspect the Moon makes over the workable orb for 90 minute footbal matches of 5 degrees, favours a win for Rangers.  However, in cases like these were the testimonies are balanced, a possible draw should not be discounted.


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