Shooting Stars: Football Predictions 19th - 21st October


Following last week's break for the European Cup qualifiers, we return to the Premier League for the first of this weekend's fixtures, where Crystal Palace play host to Manchester City at Selhurst Park.  Mars for favourites Manchester City is (at 10 Libra 00) in the sign of his detriment but very strongly placed on the cusp of the 7th house.  This is a perfect example of how accidental dignity has the advantage over essential dignity in contest charts.  Mars' placement gives Manchester City great power over their rivals, a testimony of great strength which might be sufficient to award victory in the absence of contrary indications.  

Venus, for Crystal Palace, is also in the sign of her detriment, with little in the way of redeeming testimonies.  

The Moon's progress also favours Manchester City, applying to a square with Mars. This is slightly outside the 5 degree orb usually allowed for a 90 minute football match but promises a more entertaining second half than the first. 

The Moon next makes an opposition to the antiscion of Fortuna at 10 Capricorn 30, favouring underdogs Crystal Palace:  Bodily aspects are usually more conclusive than those by antiscion, so this is unlikely to be sufficient to award Crystal Palace the match, but may award them the consolation of a late goal.  



We begin Sunday's predictions in the Scottish Premiership, where hosts Hearts take on the bookie's favourites Rangers at Tynecastle Park.  The condition of the two team's respective significators seems to agree with the opinions of the pundits:

For the favourites, Jupiter is in fine form, placed in his own sign and the 1st house (although far from the house cusp, which somewhat weakens the testimony).  With Mercury, significator for Hearts, very weak; both peregrine and applying to the cusp of the malefic 12th house,  the heavens might seem to incline in Rangers' favour.  The Moon first applies to trine Venus (Lady of the 10th house - victory for the favourites), indicating an early lead for Rangers, but she will later trine Mercury; signifying a possible late goal for Hearts (considering the wide orb of aspect, this is more likely should the match extend to extra time).   Furthermore, Mars (Lord of the 4th house - victory for the underdogs) applies to the 10th house cusp., another (weak) testimony Hearts. Overall, this contest chart argues for a more equal contest than the odds might suggest, particularly if the match runs to extra time, when a draw becomes more likely.  



On to Sunday afternoon, where Liverpool are the favoured team in their match against hosts Manchester United.  Jupiter, well placed in his own sign and just inside the 10th house cusp is a good argument for victory for the visitors.  However, the Moon seems more impartial:  She first trines Fortuna (at 21 Scorpio 20) for favourites Liverpool and then trines Mercury, signifying an equaliser for Manchester United. Both aspects occur beyond the usual workable orb (of 5 degrees) for a 90 minute football match but, since it is highly unlikely that a clash between these teams in their current form will produce a goalless draw,, we can instead expect a match with a more eventful second half than the first.  Manchester United's best hope is for the match to run to extra time, when a win (or at the very least a draw) becomes more possible.  


Continuing the theme of this week's predictions, the pundits again favour the visitors in Monday's Premier League fixture between hosts Sheffield United and Arsenal.  The heavens seem to agree: The Moon first applies to sextile the antiscion of Fortuna (at 07 Libra 26) and then opposes the antiscion of Mercury, Lord 1 (at 07 Aquarius 32); both testimonies for the favourites.  Once again, the Moon has to travel further than the usually workable orb of 5 degrees to make these aspects, but in the absence of any testimonies for Sheffield, this should be sufficient to award victory to Arsenal.  


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