Shooting Stars: Football Predictions 25th - 28th October 2019


Leicester City are tipped to win Friday's match against hosts Southampton, As favourites, the visitors are awarded Mercury (Lord 1), whilst Southampton are represented by Jupiter (Lord 7). Despite the strength of Jupiter, (by essential dignity, placed in his own sign of Sagittarius), the heavens seem to agree with pundits in inclining their favour towards Leicester City:  The Moon (at 29 Virgo 10) is Void of Course (making no further aspects within the sign she is currently placed), often a sign that the status quo will be maintained: The team going into the match as favourites are likely to emerge the winners when the final whistle blows.  However, the Moon is placed so close to the cusp of the next sign, it is worthwhile looking at her next aspect when she moves into the neighbouring sign of Libra.   This, a trine from the Moon to the antiscion of Mercury at 04 Aquarius 14, is a further testimony for Leicester City.  Victory for the visitors appears assured, with the most likely score being 0-1.  Should the match run to extra time, the Moon's square to the antiscion of Jupiter for Southampton and her following trine to the antiscion of Venus, dispositor of Fortuna (08 Aquarius 47) promises goals for each team, but still awards the win to Leicester City. 



On to the first of Saturday's fixtures, where Burnley do battle with Chelsea at Turf Moor:  The pundits favour Chelsea to win, so they are awarded Mars (Lord 1), whilst Venus, (Lady of the 7th house) represents hosts and opponents Burnley.  The Moon's immediate application to a conjunction with Mars settles the match conclusively in favour of Chelsea.  The next lunar aspect, a square to Saturn in his own sign in the 10th, promises this victory will be a convincing one, with at least 2 goals for the victors



The essential strength of Saturn (Lord 1), placed in his own sign of Capricorn is a fortunate sign for favourites Wolves in their Sunday fixture against hosts Newcastle Utd.  This testimony is given further weight by Saturn's immediate application to the Part of Fortune.  The Moon, ruler of the 7th, is unable to represent opponents Newcastle, as she has the key role as significator of events.  Instead, the Magpies are represented by the Moon's dispositor, Venus.  In contrast to the strength of Wolves' Saturn, Venus is weakly placed in Scorpio, sign of her detriment, with no testimonies to support her cause.   Wolves should win, but Pluto's baleful influence on the 1st house cusp (John Frawley observes in his book "Sport's Astrology* that Pluto appears to bear a grudge against the favourites) may allow Newcastle at least one goal against them.  


The pundits favour the likelihood of a draw in Monday night's match between QPR and Brentford. At the time of writing, Brentford have been awarded marginally better odds and, as current favourites, are awarded the 1st house and its ruler as their significators.  Cancer rises and, with the Moon otherwise occupied in her primary role as indicator of events, Mars (the Moon's dispositor) represents the favourites.  Saturn, (Lord 7) is main significator for QPR.  The Moon immediately applies to trine Fortuna, auguring a goal for the favourites.  The following lunar sextile to 7th Lord Saturn promises an equaliser for their opponents.  In the absence of any further testimonies, it looks as if the heavens agree with the pundits:  Both sides should score at least one goal apiece and a draw is very likely.


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