Shooting Stars: Football Predictions 1st-3rd November 2019


It is the convention in contest charts to make the ruler of the 1st house the main significator of the favourites, and to award the ruler of the 7th to their opponents.  The Moon in such charts never signifies one team or the other, having a more important role as significator of the action. In such cases where she rules the 1st or 7th house, the Moon's dispositor is called from the substitute's bench, to become main significator for the team in question.  Many examples of this occur over the weekend, the first being Friday's match between Barnsley and Bristol City.


Bristol City, the bookie's

favourites are denoted by the 1st house and its ruler.  As Cancer rises, we would usually look to the Moon's dispositor to represent them.  With the Moon in Capricorn, this is Saturn.  And here we hit a snag:  Saturn, as Lord of the 7th house, is already occupied as main significator of the underdogs, Barnsley.  We are left with one alternative to represent Bristol City; Jupiter, Lord of the 10th house.  Strongly placed in his own sign, Jupiter reflects the convincing form of the Robins going into this match and seems an apt significator.  However, Saturn, for Barnsley, is equally well placed in his own sign and has the further advantage of being in an angular house. The only significant aspects the Moon makes are in Barnsley's favour: Firstly, a conjunction with the 7th house cusp and finally a conjunction with Saturn which should prove sufficient to award Barnsley the match. 


On to Saturday, where AFC Bournemouth play hosts to Manchester United at Dean Court.  United are favoured by the pundits, and have Saturn (Lord 1) as their main significator. The Moon is Lady of the 7th and, as both she and her dispositor Saturn are already occupied in other roles, 

Bournemouth must look to Venus, Lady of the 4th house (victory for the underdogs) as their sole significator.  The Moon first applies to square Mars (Lord 10; victory for the favourites) and then (following her conjunction with Pluto) moves on to sextile Fortuna, a further testimony for the favourites:  A convincing win for Manchester United.


Spurs are hot favourites to win Sunday's fixture against Everton but the stars may have a surprise in store.  Venus, Lady of the Ascendant denotes Spurs whilst Mars (Lord 7) signifies their opponents Everton.  However, neither planet has much to do in this match:  It is the Moon, Fortuna and the Sun (Fortuna's dispositor) which will decide the result:  First, the Moon applies to an opposition with Fortuna and then moves on to square Fortuna's dispositor, the Sun.  Both testimonies favour Everton who, further boosted by the testimony of Fortuna's dispositor (the Sun) on the cusp of the 7th house, look to have a surprise in store for the bookies. 


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