Shooting Stars: Football Predictions 8th - 10th November 2019

If the bookies' odds are to be believed, Friday's match between Norwich City and Watford should prove a fairly equal contest, with home team Norwich the slightly better favoured. 

However, the astral testimonies argue against the pundits, 

promising a convincing victory for Watford.  As Cancer rises, favourites Norwich are signified by Mars, the Moon's dispositor (the Moon as always, being otherwise occupied in her role as significator of the action) at 23 Libra 07, whilst Watford are signified by Saturn (Lord 7) at 16 Capricorn 00. The Moon first squares the antiscion of Jupiter, dispositor of Fortuna  (at 05 Capricorn 07) indicating an early goal for underdogs Watford.  A trine to Fortuna (07 Sagittarius 22), promises an equaliser for Norwich, but hereon in, all further testimonies favour Watford:  The Moon sextiles Mercury (Lord 4, victory for the underdogs) auguring another goal for the visitors, and should extra time be allowed, the Moon's trine to the antiscion of Saturn (at 14 Sagittarius 00) promises them an even more decisive victory.  


The stars for Saturday's featured match are equally unequivocal, this time in favour of hosts Leicester City. Mercury (Lord 1) signify bookies' favourites Leicester City, while Jupiter (Lord 7) is awarded to visiting team Arsenal. The progress of the Moon (significator of the action) once again decides the match:  She first squares Saturn (Lord 10, victory for the favourites) and then applies to sextile the antiscion of Fortuna (17 Aquarius 57) promising a convincing win for favourites Leicester City.  Extra time offers the best chance of a goal for Arsenal (the Moon's late opposition with Mars, Fortuna's dispositor) but is unlikely to alter the result.  


Chelsea are hot favourites to win at home against the visiting Eagles, an opinion with with the heavens seem to agree. They are signified by Saturn (Lord 1) at 16 Capricorn 03, whilst Palace are awarded the Moon's dispositor, Mars (23 Libra 34). The Moon's progress favours Chelsea, first with a trine to the antiscion of Saturn (at 13 Sagittarius 57) and then a square to Saturn itself.  Chelsea should win by at least 2 goals, with the opportunity of a late goal if extra time is allowed, indicated by the Moon's sextile to Fortuna.  


Just one aspect decides Sunday afternoon's clash between Wolves and Aston Villa; the exact trine between the Moon and Jupiter (Lord 10) awards the match to favourites Wolves.  This will occur even in the event of a late kick-off, as the Moon will then be void of course for the rest of the match, preserving the satus quo and again awarding victory to the favourites.


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