Shooting Stars: Football Predictions 22nd-25th November 2019

November 21, 2019

After last weekend's Euro 2020 qualifiers we again return to the Premier League and this Friday's match between Fulham and Queen's Park Rangers. Cancer rises so the Moon is Lady of the Ascendant.  But as she is otherwise occupied as significator of the the action the favourites, Fulham are signified by Venus, the Moon's dispositor.  Saturn, Lord 7, strong in his own sign of Capricorn, signifies their opponents QPR. The antiscion of Fortuna (at 26 Cancer 11) is conjunct the ascendant and placed just inside the 1st house; a powerful testimony for favourites Fulham.  Venus, for Fulham, conjunct Jupiter (Lord of the 10th house of success) is also a strong argument of victory for the favourites.  However, the Moon's progress makes a good case for underdogs QPR.  First she applies to sextile the antiscion of Saturn (12 Sagittarius 49) then squares Saturn himself, testimonies of at least two goals for the visitors.  All things considered, the heavens promise a well matched contest with no shortage of goals for either side.  A draw may seem possible, but slightly stronger testimonies give Fulham the edge and make them the probable victors. The result, however, is likely to be close.


On to Saturday, where Manchester City are the favoured team in their early evening match against visitors Chelsea.  Mercury, Lord 1, at 12 Scorpio 19 signifies Manchester City, whilst their opponents Chelsea are represented by Jupiter (Lord 7) strongly placed in his own sign at 28 Sagittarius 00 and exactly conjunct the angle of the Descendant.  The antiscion of Mercury (at 17 Aquarius 41) closely applies to a conjunction with the angle of the Midheaven (Victory, Success); a compelling testimony for the favourites. 

By contrast, the Moon (in her key role as indicator of events) seems inclined to favour the cause of Chelsea:  She first applies to sextile Jupiter (Lord 7) and then moves on to square the antiscion of the Sun (at 28 Capricorn 53), the dispositor of Fortuna.  We can expect a strong performance from both teams, with no shortage of goals.  However, with the help of the strongest testimony in the chart (the antiscion of their main significator conjunct the Midheaven) Manchester City remain the likely winners.



On to Sunday's fixtures where, in the Scottish Premiership, Hamilton Academical do battle with visiting favourites Rangers.  The Moon's immediate application to a sextile with Fortuna augurs an early lead for Rangers.  The conjunction between the antiscion of Fortuna (at 25 Sagittarius 01) and Jupiter (Lord of the 10th house of victory for the favourites) confirms Rangers' dominance of the game and should see them emerge the winners.



Still with Sunday's matches, but this time south of the border, victory for favourites and home team Sheffield Utd against visitors Manchester Utd looks less straightforward:  The Moon applies to a square with the antiscion of Fortuna (at 11 Leo 07), indicating an early goal for Manchester Utd.  In addition, Venus' (the dispositor of Fortuna's) conjunction with Jupiter (Lord 7) would be a fairly conclusive testimony of a win for the visitors - but the aspect is separating, so that opportunity has passed.  Instead, we see the Moon's conjunction with Mercury (Lord 1) as a late fightback for Sheffield (possibly in extra time) which should be sufficient to secure them victory.


Our final featured game is Monday's fixture between Birmingham's Aston Villa and visiting side

Newcastle Utd.  Saturn, Lord 7 opposes Fortuna; a positive testimony for The Magpies.  Balanced against this, the Moon applies to square the antiscion of Mars* (at 25 Aquarius 12); a corresponding testimony for hosts Aston Villa (*as the Moon, ruler of the Ascendant is otherwise occupied in her role as significator of events, Mars, her dispositor, represents the favourites).  This is a finely-matched contest which could result in a draw.  

It is worth noting that a late degree ascends and, if the kickoff is a few minutes late, the sign on the ascendant will change from Cancer to Leo, giving a different significator (the Sun) for Aston Villa,  With Aquarius on the cusp of the 7th, traditional ruler Saturn will continue to represent Newcastle Utd. Will this potentially change the result?  Saturn will continue to oppose Fortuna (for Newcastle Utd) whilst the Moon will sextile the antiscion of the Sun (at 26 Capricorn 46) for Aston Villa.  So whichever sign ascends, a draw remains the likeliest outcome.


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