Shooting Stars: Football Predictions 29th November to 2nd December 2019

November 28, 2019

The contesting teams in Friday's match at Liberty Stadium are both candidates for promotion, and look set to kick the weekend off in style.  Visitors Fulham are favoured by the pundits and are signified by the 1st house.  The ascendant ruler (the Moon) being already occupied in her key role as significator of events during the match, and her dispositor Saturn (by dint of his rulership of the 7th house), claimed as main significator of hosts Swansea City, the sole candidate remaining to represent favourites Fulham is Mars, ruler of the 10th.  The Moon immediately applies to conjunct Saturn (Lord 7):  There could scarcely a stronger testimony in favour of victory for Swansea City, but the lunar square the antiscion of Mercury, (23 Aries 03) also favours their cause.  A confident victory for the home side is predicted.


With both teams eager for a much-needed win to help them out of the relegation zone, this Friday's match between Southampton and Watford has potential for a surprise or two. But do the heavens concur? According to the bookies, Southampton (placed just ahead of Watford in the tables) are the favoured team.  With the Moon, (Lady of the ascendant) otherwise occupied as indicator of events during the match, we would usually look to the Moon's dispositor (in this case, Saturn) as a substitute significator for the favourites but he (as ruler of the 7th house) is also spoken for as significator of Watford.  The 10th house ruler is also Saturn, so we have no recourse but to do without a significator for Southampton; a rare occurrence which does not look especially promising for the favourites.  Otherwise, the only testimony of significance is the close proximity of Saturn (Watford) at 17 Capricorn 57 to the antiscion of the Sun (Fortuna's dispositor) at 21 Capricorn 48, which inclines towards victory for the visitors:  A low-scoring game is probable, with Watford the most likely winners.


In their last clash with Celtic, Ross County lost by 6 goals to nil.  The heavens hold out little promise  of a dramatic reversal of fortunes for the home side, but do offer hope of a more even contest and at least one goal against the reigning  champions.  

As with so many of this weekend's charts, Cancer is on the cusp of a key house (this time the 7th house, for Ross County) and we are unable to use the house ruler (the Moon, who has a more crucial role charting the progress of the match) as their main significator.  Nor can we use the Moon's dispositor, Saturn, who (as ruler of the 1st house) has already been claimed by favourites Celtic.  This leaves us with only Mercury, ruler of the 4th house (victory for the underdogs) to represent the fortunes of Ross County.  The Moon applies first to a sextile with Mercury (at 10 Aquarius 01), an early testimony for Ross County.  But her concluding aspect , the lunar sextile to the antiscion of Saturn (11 Capricorn 59) favours Celtic.  Considering the respective form of both teams, these auguries will likely translate into a win for the visitors, but with at least one goal for the hosts.


Both teams look in good form, but visitors West Bromwich Albion are likely favourites to win this Championship league clash at Deepdale Stadium.  As such they are awarded Saturn, traditional ruler of Aquarius, the sign on the cusp of the 1st house, who is strongly placed in his own sign of Capricorn.  The Sun (Lord 7) represents Preston  Just inside the 10th house, the Sun would be considered very strongly placed from the standpoint of natal, electional or even horary astrology.  By contrast, in an event chart for a contest, the prognostication is dire. The Sun's placement a degree earlier would carry a very different message, as it would show the favourites (10th house) in the power of the team signified by the Sun (Preston). But here it shows the reverse; Preston in the clutches of their adversaries.  This is one of the single strongest testimonies of a win for West Bromwich Albion., but it is not the only one:  The Moon immediately applies to a sextile with Fortuna, also for the favourites.  A victory for West Bromwich Albion is indicated, but with the likelihood of at least one goal from Preston (as shown by the Moon's square to Mercury, Lord 4). 


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