Shooting Stars: Football Predictions 6th-8th December 2019

This weekend holds the promise of some thrilling football, with crucial local derbies in both Manchester and Glasgow.. But first, we look forward to Friday's Championship match between Millwall and Nottingham Forest, which, judging by the event chart for the match, promises a fixture equally high on excitement. 


Millwall as the team favoured by the pundits, are awarded the Sun (Lord 1) as their main significator. Saturn, Lord 7.represents their opponents, Forest.  The Moon, (who indicates the progress of the match and can often indicate the winner), first applies to a trine to the antiscion of Saturn (at 11 Sagittarius 26) and next a square with Venus (Lady of the 4th; victory for the underdogs) at 13 Capricorn 22, testimonies of an early lead for Forest.  Signs of a fightback from the favourites are next, with the Moon's trine to the Sun (14 Sagittarius 23) and a square to the Sun's antiscion (15 Capricorn 37).  The Moon's next aspect is a trine to the antiscion of Venus (at 16 Sagittarius 38), another testimony in favour of Forest.  By way of balance, the Moon's placement on the cusp of the 10th house (victory for the favourites) is another powerful testimony for Millwall. All testimonies considered, a draw is a very likely prospect.  Yet with two teams so well matched, extra time is also very possible, in the event of which the Moon's square to Saturn (at 18 Capricorn 34) will come into play, awarding victory to Forest.  Prediction:  A draw is most likely, but with the possibility that Forest could make a last-minute bid for victory in extra time. 


Manchester is the venue for the first of this weekend's featured derbies, with hosts Manchester City, (currently second in the table), confidently predicted to win by bookies and pundits alike.  But do the heavens concur?  As Cancer rises, and the Moon is otherwise occupied as significator of events, Mars, the Moon's dispositor represents City.  Saturn, strong in his own sign and placed in the 7th house, lends his support to United.   Mars' application to conjunct Fortuna is a powerful testimony of a win for City, given extra weight by the Moon's trine to the antiscion of Jupiter (Lord 10, victory for the favourites).  In the absence of any corresponding testimonies for United, it seems that the stars and the bookies agree that the likeliest prospect is a win for City.



On to this weekend's other not-to-be-missed derby, in which Glasgow rivals Rangers and Celtic battle it out at Hampden Park. Celtic are the bookie's favourites, and are awarded Mercury (Lord 1) as their main significator, at 28 Scorpio 53.  Jupiter (Lord 7) at 01 Capricorn 18, represents their opponents Rangers.  The Moon's application to a trine with the antiscion of Fortuna (at 08 Pisces 02) is not conclusive, but in the absence of any other significant testimonies suggests that this Sunday, it will be the Celtic fans will leave the match happy with the result.      


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