Shooting Stars: Football Predictions 13th-15th December 2019

December 11, 2019



We begin the weekend in the Championship League, where Charlton Athletic play hosts to Hull City at The Valley.  It is often assumed that, playing in front of a home crowd, the host team should be favourites and be awarded the 1st house and its ruler as theur significators.   However, this is not always the case:  The opinions of the bookies and the pundits often give a better indication of the favoured team, as in this case where Hull City are tipped for an away win. As favourites, Hull are awarded the Sun (Lord 1) as their main significator, As Lord of the opposing 7th, Saturn, allies himself with Charlton.  However, neither planet is a key player in this match, the result being shown by just one aspect; the lunar trine to Mars (Lord 10, victory for the favourites).  Even the support of Charlton's home crowd will not be enough to prevent a victory for Hull. 


Jupiter, Lord 1, exactly conjunct the Midheaven by antiscion (at 27 Sagittarius 21), appears a compelling testimony of a win for favourites Liverpool this Saturday. However, the Moon's aspects argue the case strongly for Watford; first she applies to an opposition with  the antiscion of Mercury (Lord 7) at 22 Capricorn 29 and then progresses to bodily opposition with Venus, Fortuna's dispositor, both testimonies in favour of the underdogs.  This match could be a surprise win for Watford but, regardless of the outcome, this match promises no shortage of goals for both sides.  


On Sunday, we head to the Scottish Premiership, where Motherwell do battle with favourites Rangers at Fir Park.  The Sun (the Moon's dispositor) just inside the 10th house (victory for the favourites), is an indication that Rangers will dominate the match, with the Moon's immediately applying trine to the antiscion of Venus (Fortuna's dispositor) at 05 Sagittarius 54 further confirmation of a likely win for the favourites.  But the Moon's final aspect (within the workable range of 5 degrees) to a trine with Mercury at 08 Sagittarius 59, favours a last-minute fightback for Motherwell.  Rangers are still the most likely winners, but a draw cannot be ruled out. 


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