Shooting Stars : Football Predictions 28th-29th December 2019

December 28, 2019


For our opening match of this final weekend of 2019, we head to the Amex, where Brighton play hosts to visitors Bournemouth.  Brighton, as favourites, are awarded Mars (Lord 1), strong in his own sign at 26 Scorpio 01.  Their rivals, Bournemouth are represented by Venus (Lady of the 7th), at 10 Aquarius 06. The Moon charts the progress of the game: She first applies to conjunct the antiscion of Mars (at 03 Aquarius 59) and then sextiles the antiscion of Saturn (Lord 10) at 09 Sagittarius 01; both testimonies for the favourites.  After that, the tide turns in favour of Bournemouth, with a bodily conjunction to Venus and a square to Fortuna.  Both these aspects occur beyond the reliably workable orb for a 90 minute football match (5 degrees), so we can expect to Brighton to dominate the match, and the best chances for Bournemouth to equalise (or even steal a late victory) to occur towards the end of the second half, or even in extra time.  In conclusion, Brighton look the most likely winners, but Bournemouth may be able to salvage some points by capitalising on opportunities presented later in the match. 


Celtic are favoured by the pundits to win this weekend's Glasgow derby:  The Hoops have Jupiter (Lord 1) as their significator whilst local rivals Rangers are represented by Mercury (Lord 7)..  A clash between these teams is always eventful and we should expect this game to be no different, even though the chart for the match is notably short on positive

testimonies for either team.  Mercury (Rangers) is placed very close to the Midheaven (26 Sagittarius 13) but in the neighbouring sign of Capricorn, which negates the advantage.  Jupiter (Celtic) is very weakly placed in the sign of his fall and is also hindered by combustion (close proximity to the Sun),  but his antiscion (at 23 Sagittarius 55) is close enough to the Midheaven (victory, success) to award Celtic the match. 


Fighting the looming spectre of relegation, Norwich City will be looking to make a good showing against visitors Spurs.  Spurs, as favourites, have Mercury (Lord 4) as their sole significator, both the Moon and Saturn (the Moon's dispositor) being already occupied in other roles either marking the progress of the match (the Moon) and, as Lord 7, signifying underdogs Norwich (Saturn).  Mercury is about to move out of the sign of his detriment (Sagittarius) into Capricorn where he is peregrine but at least has escaped the sign of his debility.  Saturn, in his own sign, lends his strength to the cause of Norwich by his close proximity to the 7th house cusp:  From these testimonies we can conclude that Spurs will do only as much as is required to earn their points, but Norwich will play much better than their critics might expect.   The Lord of the 10th (Jupiter) conjunct the Sun (dispositor of Fortuna) is close enough to be a powerful testimony for Spurs, even though the aspect is just separating.  But the Moon's application to square the antiscion of Fortuna (at 08 Taurus 02) indicates at least one goal for Norwich.  Overall, we can expect a low-scoring game, and a lacklustre performance from the favourites.  1-2 to Spurs is the most likely outcome, but a draw cannot be ruled out.  


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