Shooting Stars: Football Predictions 10th-12th January 2020

Sheffield Utd have emerged the victors in their last three matches, and the pundits expect more of the same in Friday night's fixture at Bramall Lane, where they play hosts to opponents West Ham. But do the heavens agree?  Mercury (Lord 1) at 20 Capricorn 09, represents favourites

Sheffield whilst Jupiter (Lord 7) at 08 Capricorn 55 (the sign of his fall) lends what support he can to the cause of West Ham.  Fortuna in the 7th house looks highly positive for West Ham, but actually avails them little, as this placement would occur for all matches kicking off around the Full Moon during any given month; Fortuna's dispositor and her antiscion are far more significant placements in contest charts.  The Moon has just separated from an opposition with Mercury, Lord 1: Even though this aspect is very recent, it is in the past and therefore offers no advantage to Sheffield.  Instead the Moon lends her support to West Ham, applying to an opposition with the antiscion of Mars (Lord 4, victory for the underdogs) at 25 Capricorn 00.  Aspects to antiscion are not as definitve as bodily aspects, but this testimony nevertheless hints at a different result to that expected by the pundits.  A low-scoring game is predicted, with the advantage to West Ham.


Currently on sparkling form, Liverpool look set to continue their run of success with an away victory against hosts Spurs.  The Moon's immediate application to the 1st house cusp is a blessing from the heavens, and an indication of Liverpool's likely dominance of the match. The Moon lends her support to Liverpool's cause in other ways; first with a trine to Mars (Lord 10 - victory for the favourites), and a trine to the antiscion of the Sun (Lord 1) at 09 Sagittarius 04 (just beyond the 5 degree orb of reliability for the Moon's aspects in 90 minute football matches).  .  The only testimony in favour of Spurs is a lunar trine to the antiscion of Saturn (Lord 7) at 07 Sagittarius 21.  Both sides will score, but Liverpool will have the edge, with victory for the favourites likely to appear in the guise of a late goal, very possibly during extra time.  



Currently placed 18th and 19th in the table respectively, both Bournemouth and Watford are haunted by the spectre of relegation.  Although placed lower in the league, Watford's overall form is more encouraging and has earned them the confidence of the bookies, who have pronounced them favourites for this Sunday afternoon fixture at Dean Court.  They are represented by Mercury (Lord 1) at 23 Capricorn 01, whilst Jupiter, (Lord 7) weakened by his placement in the sign of his fall at 09 Capricorn 19, allies himself to the cause of Bournemouth.  The Moon makes just one aspect, a trine to the antiscion of Jupiter at 20 Sagittarius 41 in favour of Bournemouth and a surprise win for the hosts.  


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