Shooting Stars: Football Predictions 18th-19th January 2020

Watford are the pundit's favourites to win at Vicarage Road in Saturday lunchtime's game against Spurs,  but do the heavens concur?  Mercury (Lord 1) at 02 Aquarius 57 represent the hosts, while Jupiter (Lord 7) in the sign of his fall at 10 Capricorn 40 lends his support to the cause of Spurs.  Mercury's exact conjunction with the Midheaven is a testimony to Watford's convincing form going into the game, but the Moon's immediate sextile to Jupiter argues at least one goal for Spurs.  Watford's best chances of victory come their way in the latter stages of the game (the Moon's sextile to Fortuna at an 8 degree orb implies an edge gained in extra time) but a draw is not beyond the bounds of possibility.


The pundits have tipped Leicester  to win against hosts Burnley this Sunday. Cancer rises and, as the Moon's role as significator of the action always takes precedence, the favourites are described by her dispositor, Mars at 10 Sagittarius 56.  Saturn, (Lord 7), strong in his own sign at 23 Capricorn 35 is a more than capable ally to hosts Burnley.   The Moon's Nodes are too far away from the 1st and 7th house cusps to help or hinder either team, but the Moon herself is more significant; her square to the Sun (Lord 4; victory to the underdogs) pointing to at least one goal for Burnley.  A trine from Fortuna to the Sun also favours Burnley but, as the aspect is separating is less likely to avail their cause.  Nevertheless, in the absence of any corresponding testimonies for favourites Leicester, this match looks set to upset the expectations of bookies and pundits alike.  


The Reds take on the Red Devils at Anfield, their recent run of victories making the hosts hot favourites to win our final featured match this weekend.  Provided the kick off time is accurate, the Sun (Lord 1 at 29 Capricorn) represents Liverpool.  Opponents Manchester Utd are represented by Saturn, fortified by placement in his own sign at 23 Capricorn 36.  The Sun is about to enter Aquarius, the sign of his detriment, a sign that Liverpool's winning streak may be in jeopardy.  But will it hold for this match?  The Moon's immediately applying opposition favours opponents Manchester Utd, but her concluding aspect, a sextile to the Sun (Lord 1) awards the match to Liverpool.  Both sides should score, but Liverpool's run of victories looks safe.  


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