Shooting Stars: Football Predictions 25th - 26th January 2020

The FA Cup is in the spotlight this weekend, where Brentford and Leicester battle in the fourth round for cup glory.  The pundits have tipped Leicester to win: As favourites, they are awarded Mercury, (Lord 1) as their main significator. Just inside the 10th house and closely conjunct the MC, Mercury's placement is a powerful testimony in favour of Leicester, further augmented by the Moon's immediate application to conjunct the Midheaven. With the lack of any corresponding testimonies for Brentford's significator, Jupiter (placed in Capricorn in the sign of his fall), the heavens concur with the pundits in predicting a win for Leicester.  



On to Saturday evening, where Chelsea are hot favourites to win against hosts Hull City.  They are signified by the Sun (Lord 1) at 05 Aquarius 11.  Saturn, (Lord 7), strong in his own sign at 24 Capricorn 18 lends his support to the cause of Hull.  The antiscion of Fortuna (at 03 Taurus 44) squares the Sun, Fortuna's dispositor.  Given the challending nature of the aspect, this would usually be a minor boon for underdogs Hull.  But here the Sun's role as Fortuna's dispositor is superceded by his function as main significator of the favourites, so this testimony favours Chelsea.  A more convincing indication is the Moon's application to sextile Mars (Lord 10).  As the 10th house represents victory for the favourites, this is a further testimony of success for Chelsea.  With no testimonies for Hull, a win for the favourites looks likely.  



On to Sunday, where Mercury (Lord 1), once again avails the cause of favourites Manchester City; with his placement just inside the 10th house (victory for the favourites).  The Moon, also placed in the 10th, adds her testimony to that of Mercury although, being further from the house cusp, she is less convincing.  Unique among this week's featured matches, this chart includes one testimony which favours the underdogs; an opposition between Fortuna and Jupiter, (Lord 7).  There will be some spirited opposition from Fulham, and both teams are likely to score.  However, the joint testimony of Mercury and the Moon in the 10th house presents a compelling case for Manchester City, who will carry the day.  


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