Shooting Stars: Football Predictions 1st-2nd February 2020

This season has not been kindest to the fortunes of Manchester United, but they have the advantage of playing at home this Saturday, with the bookies declaring them favourites to win against visitors Wolves.   The Sun (Lord 1) at 12 Aquarius 15 represents The Red Devils, whilst Wolves have Saturn (Lord 7) in their corner, strong in his own sign at 25 Capricorn 07. The Moon, who signifies the progress of events during the match, is in the 10th house (victory for the favourites), closely conjunct the Midheaven. Furthermore, the Sun applies to conjunct the antiscion of Fortuna at 10 Aquarius 50:  Both testimonies favour the favourites and point to a likely win for United. 



On to Sunday afternoon, when Burnley do battle with Arsenal at home.  Cancer rises and, with sign ruler the Moon already spoken for as significator of the action, her dispositor Venus in the sign of her exaltation at 23 Pisces 47 represents favourites Arsenal.  Saturn in his own sign at 25 Capricorn 13 lends his support to the cause of Burnley.  Jupiter (Lord 10:  Victory for the favourites), is placed just inside the 7th house (Burnley) showing Arsenal's hopes of victory in the hands of their opponents.  Conversely, an equally powerful testimony for the favourites is shown by the placement of antiscion of Fortuna (at 11 Pisces 33) in the 10th house, an sign that Fortuna smiles on Arsenal's hopes of success.  With these testimonies fairly equally balanced, we look to the movement of the Moon to provide clarification.  Her first aspect is a sextile to Venus (for Arsenal) but she then moves on to trine Saturn (for Burnley).  For this last aspect, the Moon has to travel beyond the 5 degrees usually considered workable for a 90 minute football match, a sign that Burnley's chances of success are best should extra time be allowed. However, with testimonies so finely balanced, a draw is a distinct possibility..  




The Sun (representing favourites Manchester City) placed just inside the 7th cusp (house of opponents Spurs) does not augur well for City, showing them in the power of their rivals.  The antiscion of Fortuna (at 10 Aquarius 50), is conjunct the cusp of the 7th house, adding further support to Spurs.  Balanced against these testimonies, the antiscion of the Moon (who represents the flow of events) at 09 Leo 44 is conjunct the cusp of the 1st house, lending her power and energy to the cause of Manchester City, who can be relied on to put in a strong performance.  However, in so doing, she also opposes the antiscion of Fortuna; another testimony in favour of Spurs.  Overall, this chart inclines towards a win for Spurs and an upset for the bookies.  


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