Shooting Stars: Football Predictions 8th-9th February 2020

Hosts Everton are favoured to win against Crystal Palace this Saturday at Goodison Park.  But do the the stars concur?  Mercury, (Lord 1), assumes the role of main significator for Everton whilst Jupiter (Lord 7) appropriately represents those winged messengers of Jove, the Eagles.  Both Mercury and Jupiter lack the strength of essential dignity, being in the signs of their fall (Pisces and Capricorn respectively).  However, in contest charts, accidental dignity (which lends strength according to placement)  is far more often the deciding factor.  The Sun (Lord 4; victory for the underdogs) is in the sign of his detriment, but placed on the cusp of the 10th house (victory for the favourites):  A strong testimony for Palace, as it shows that they have a degree of power over Everton's hopes of winning.  The antiscion of Fortuna (at 12 Capricorn 23) is conjunct Jupiter, another testimony for Palace, although the wide orb (over 3 degrees) makes this only a minor one.  More important are any aspects from the Moon, who signifies the progress of events during the match.  She applies to trine the antiscion of Jupiter (at 14 Sagittarius 44) but the orb of aspect is so wide for a 90 minute football match (5 degrees being the usual limit to what is workable) that this is more likely to represent an opportunity occurring in extra time, should this be possible.  With all testimonies, (of varying strengths), inclining towards Crystal Palace, and there being none for the favourites, the outcome of this fixture looks set to cause an upset at the bookies. 



On the same day and just one minute later in Scotland, the northerly location yields a slightly different contest chart with the potential to deliver a very different result when Hamilton Academical play hosts to favourites Rangers.  As favourites, Rangers should be signified by the ruler of the first house.  However, Cancer rises, and as the Moon is already spoken for as the significator of the action, the Moon's dispositor (the Sun) fulfils the role in her place.  Situated just on the cusp of the 10th house (victory for the favourites), the Sun's placement is a very positive testimony for Rangers.  But what of their opponents, the Accies?  They are represented by Saturn (Lord 7), who, in his own sign at 25 Capricorn 53, lends strong support to their cause, although this alone is not sufficient to win them the match.  Can the Moon throw any further light on the result?  The only bodily aspect she makes to either of the main significators is an opposition to the Sun (for Rangers). However, at 11 degrees orb, this aspect is too wide to be allowed for a 90 minute football match, even one where extra time is allowed. Similarly, the conjunction of the antiscion of Fortuna (at 09 Capricorn 52) with Jupiter (Fortuna's dispositor), favours Rangers but is at too wide an orb to be very significant.  The Moon's antiscion at 21 Taurus 42 trines Saturn (for Hamilton Academical) but the aspect by antiscion and the wide orb make a weak testimony even weaker.  All things considered, the strongest testimony in the chart remains the Sun's conjunction with the cusp of the 10th house, which favours a win for Rangers.  Both teams should score and there remains a slim, outside chance of a draw if the Accies are able to capitalise on opportunities which come their way in the latter half of the match.  


On to Sunday in Manchester, when hosts Manchester City are hot favourites to win against visitors West Ham.  As favourites, Manchester City are signified by the Sun (Lord 1), whilst West Ham are represented by Saturn (Lord 7).  The Sun is in the 7th house, which would be an sure indication of City losing to West Ham, if the Sun was nearer to the 7th house cusp. However, with the Sun this far from the cusp this testimony is greatly weakened.  Similarly, the Moon in the 1st house is much less of a boon to Manchester City than if she had been placed nearer to the angle of the ascendant.  Far stronger than both these testimonies is the exact conjunction of the Sun to Fortuna which, despite its placement in the 7th house, inclines in favour of the favourites, Manchester City.  As we only use major aspects with this technique (no quincunxes) the only aspects the Moon can make are by antiscion.  The antiscion of the Moon (at 04 Taurus 28) first trines the antiscion of Mars (Lord 10, at 04 Capricorn 40) for Manchester City, then opposes the antiscion of Fortuna at 09 Scorpio 36 for West Ham and finally opposes the antiscion of the Sun at 09 Scorpio 38 for Manchester City.  The sheer number of testimonies alone promises a game with no shortage of goals, but the Sun's conjunction with Fortuna should decide the match in favour of the hosts.


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