Shooting Stars: Football Predictions 14th-16th February 2020

February 13, 2020

Hull City's form has suffered recently, but will they fare any better when they play at home against visitors Swansea City?  The pundits think the contrary and tip Swansea to emerge victors this Valentine's Day.  As favourites, they are denoted by the 1st House, the sign ascending (Virgo) and its ruler Mercury (in the sign of his fall at 12 Pisces 27).  Jupiter, (at 16 Capricorn 50) also in the sign of his fall,  lends what support he can to the cause of their opponents Hull.  The Moon, as significator of events during the match, first trines Mercury (for the favourites, Swansea) and then applies to a sextile with Jupiter (for Hull).  With such equally balanced testimonies, a draw is very likely.  Should Hull wish to overcome the dire predictions of the pundits, they will find that their greatest opportunities occur during the latter half of the match.  


On to Sunday in Birmingham, when Spurs are tipped to win against hosts Aston Villa.  The sign of Cancer rises and, with ruler the Moon already spoken for as significator of the action, her dispositor Jupiter (at 16 Capricorn 56) steps in to represent the favourites.  Their opponents Aston Villa are described by Saturn (Lord 7) at 26 Capricorn 47.  Placed just inside the 7th house and in his own sign, Saturn is a powerful ally for Villa, further strengthened by a conjunction with the antiscion of the Moon (at 24 Capricorn 27). Jupiter hovers above the cusp of the 7th house, a placement which would signify the fortunes of Aston Villa held hostage to Spurs, were Jupiter closer to the cusp.  Here, he is too far away for this testimony to signify.  More important is the applying trine from the Moon to Venus, dispositor of the Part of Fortune.  This should be sufficient to win Spurs the match, but Aston Villa will also give a good account of themselves: Expect both sides to score, but Spurs to have the edge.  



Arsenal are favourites to win against the visiting Magpies and are signified by the Sun (at 27 Aquarius 27).  Saturn, in his own sign at 26 Capricorn 47 represents their opponents.  the Sun is in the 7th house (the territory of Newcastle United) but is too far from the cusp to be considered in their power.  The conjunction of the Moon's antiscion (at 23 Capricorn 13) with Saturn is a minor testimony for Newcastle, but this is outclassed by the applying lunar trine to Venus, (Fortuna's dispositor), which favours the cause of Arsenal.  Once again, we can expect both teams to score, but Arsenal to carry the day.  


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