Shooting Stars: Football Predictions 22nd - 24th February 2020

February 21, 2020

Visitors Manchester City are favourites to win this Saturday, and are represented by Mercury (Lord 1) at 10 Pisces 14.  Jupiter (Lord 7), at 18 Capricorn 10 lends his support to hosts Leicester City.   Both key significators are in the signs of their fall, but this has little bearing on the result, as for this chart the key testimonies involve the aspects of the Moon:  She first applies to sextile the antiscion of Mars, (Lord 4, victory for the underdogs) at 23 Sagittarius 42 and then moves to oppose Fortuna, both testimonies in favour of Leicester City.  With no corresponding testimonies in support of Manchester City, this game has the potential to significantly upset the expectations of the bookies.


Hosts Arsenal are favourites to win against Everton this Sunday, but do the stars concur?  As favourites, they are described by the Sun (Lord1) at 04 Pisces 31.  Their opponents Everton are signified by Saturn (Lord 7), strong in his own sign at 27 Capricorn 32.  As with any match which takes place around the time of the New Moon, Fortuna will be in the first house (or thereabouts), negating this seemingly favourable testimony for Arsenal.  The Moon's conjunction with the Sun, (at first glance, another testimony for the favourites) is separating, so again does little to help their cause. Both Sun (Lord 1) and the Moon placed in the 7th house could be viewed as a boon for Everton, but they are too far from the house cusp and in a different sign, so this also does not signify. The only testimony beyond question is the exact sextle between the Moon and Mars (Lord 4, victory for the underdogs), which augurs a victory for Everton.  



Our final game takes place at Anfield, where hosts Liverpool are expected to emerge the victors.  However, the heavens seem more inclined to favour visitors West Ham.  Mars (Lord 7) exalted in Capricorn and placed in the 4th house (victory for the underdogs), lends his strength to The Hammers, whilst the Moon further supports their cause with a sextile to the antiscion of Mars at 24 Sagittarius 15, (although given the wide orb of aspect, this is an opportunity most likely to present itself in the latter stages of the match, or even during extra time).  In the absence of any corresponding testimonies for Liverpool, it is unlikely that the favourites will win.  A draw is very possible, but the longer the match continues, the greater becomes the liklehood of a win for West Ham.  


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