Shooting Stars: Football Predictions 28th February - 1st Match 2020

February 27, 2020

With Norwich City battling relegation, the pundits favour Leicester City for Friday evening's match at Carrow Road.   Venus (Lady of the Ascendant) represent favourites

Leicester City, whilst Mars, in the sign of his exaltation at 08 Capricorn 20 lends considerable support to the cause of Norwich due to his placement directly on the cusp of the 4th house (their house of victory).  This offsets the debility of the South Node's conjunction with Mars, already rendered less pernicious by the separating nature of the aspect.  The North Node conjunct the cusp of the 10th house is a boon to Leicester City, but its power is waning as the aspect separates. A more important testimony for the favourites is the trine between the anticion of the Moon (23 Leo 48) and Venus.  The Moon's next aspect, a bodily trine to Mars, is stronger still, this time favouring Norwich: The Canaries may be having a challenging season, but the heavens warn that they are not out for the count just yet.  Expect a strong performance from Norwich this Friday, which may not be enough to win the match but could yet secure them a draw.


On to Saturday afternoon, where hosts Brighton are favourites to win against Crystal Palace  With the Moon (Lady of the Ascendant) already occupied as significator of the action, her dispositor, Venus (at 24 Aries 53) stands in as main significator for the favourites.  Visitors Palace are represented by Saturn (Lord 7), strong in his own sign at 28 Capricorn 07.  The Moon's aspects decide the outcome of this match:  A trines first to Jupiter (Lord 10; victory to the favourites) and next Fortuna, both favour a win for Brighton.



Hosts Coventry City are favourites to win against Sunderland this Sunday, but do the heavens agree?  Venus, the Moon's dispositor, in the sign of her detriment at 25 Aries 59 steps in as significator for Coventry whilst Saturn (Lord 7) strengthened by sign and house at 28 Capricorn 12 represents rivals Sunderland.  Fortuna's trine to Saturn is a powerful testimony for Sunderland; which in the absence of any corresponding testimonies for Coventry City, might just give them enough of an advantage to win the match.


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