Shooting Stars: Football Predictions 6th March - 8th March 2020

A draw has not been uncommon in recent clashes between Nottingham Forest and Millwall, but for this Friday's match, the pundits favour Forest to win:  Will history repeat itself, or will the pundits be proved right?  As favourites, Nottingham Forest are represented by Venus, Lady of the Ascendant, strong in her own sign at 01 Taurus 51. Their opponents Millwall are signified by Mars, (Lord 7) in the sign of his exaltation at 13 Capricorn 20.  The Antiscion of Venus (at 28 Leo 09) opposes Fortuna:  If this had been a harmonious aspect, it would have proved a boon for the favourites, but the discordant nature of the opposition instead boosts the fortunes of their rivals.  This, coupled with the strength of Mars by sign and placement (just inside the 4th house; victory for Millwall) points to a likely win for the visitors and an upset for the bookies.


Everton have won their last two games against Chelsea, yet the pundits favour hosts Chelsea to win at Stamford Bridge this Sunday.  As favourites, hosts Chelsea are awarded the Sun at 18 Pisces 27. Saturn, strong in his own sign at 28 Capricorn 52 lends stalwart support to the cause of rivals Everton. The Sun applies to sextile Fortuna, a very minor testimony for Chelsea.  More importantly, the Moon's application to Venus (Lady of the 4th house; victory for the underdogs) favours Everton. Expect goals for both sides, but another win for the underdogs.



All eyes will be on this weekend's derby in Manchester, where City are favourites to emerge the victors.  The Moon's placement on the 1st house cusp, together with the applying lunar trine to Venus (Lady of the 10th house; victory for the favourites) are both strong testimonies for Manchester City.  With the favourites benefiting from such confidence from the heavens, a win for City seems likely.  The best hope for Manchester United comes in the form of a square from the Moon to the antiscion of Jupiter (at 09 Sagittarius 06) which, given the wide orb of aspect (6 degrees) suggests a late rally from the Red Devils, although this will not be sufficient to deny City their prize.


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