FIFA World Cup Day 10 : Stars and Scores Saturday 23rd June 2018

All event charts are calculated for BST (British Summer Time) using Astrogold for mobile. 'The favourites' are the team with the best overall bookmaker's odds for the match in question only.


Group F : South Korea v Mexico

Following their strong performance against Germany in their opening game of the tournament, Mexico are the bookie's favourites for this match.  They are represented solely by Jupiter, Lord 1 (Mercury, ruler of the 10th is otherwise occupied in his role as main significator for their rivals, South Korea).  The Moon immediately applies to conjunct Jupiter.  With no other aspects or testimonies, this is a very positive sign for Mexico.


Group F : Germany v Sweden


 Germany are favoured by the bookmakers for this match, awarding them Saturn (Lord 1) as their sole significator.  Mars, dispositor of the Moon and Venus (Lady of the 4th) are significators for their opponents Sweden.  The placement of Mercury, dispositor of Fortuna in the 7th house favours Sweden (although a closer orb of 1-2 degrees would make this more reliable).  Another testimony against the favourites is the Pluto's placement inside the 1st house, applying retrograde to the cusp of the ascendant.  John Frawley has observed that Pluto seems to have some kind of grudge against the favourites (the god of the underworld favouring the underdogs is an image characteristic of the poetry of astrology). The orb is fairly wide for a contest chart of this type (1-2 degrees would make this more definite).  Overall; two weak testimonies for Sweden and nothing here to favour Germany. 


Group G : Belgium v Tunisia

Lord 1 placed in the 10th house favours the favourites, Belgium. Tunisia have an equally favourable testimony in the placement of Mars (Lord 7) in the 4th house.  The Moon applies to square Venus (Lady of the Ascendant) a testimony for the favourites, and then conjuncts Jupiter dispositor of Fortuna. Belgium look set to justify the bookies' confidence in this match but we can also expect a convincing performance from Tunisia, who will be determined not to let the favourites have everything their own way. 





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